Is Wicca right for you?

This is a video just on my thoughts about Wicca and a few suggestions for reading material for those who are interested in it. Books I mentioned: The Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland Wicca: The Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham Solitary Witch by Silver Raven Wolfe To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolfe
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This video is made by a Wiccan, for a Christian. Christians are usually ignorant when it comes to this religion. Then again, most of the world is – but non-Christians didn’t need to execute millions of “witches.” Witches are not anti-Christian. To Christians: why hate something you don’t know about? Is this another part of your blind faith, or just fear of the unknown? Either way, hopefully this approach I’ve made (by not cursing and being crude) will open the minds of a few xians. If not, then I guess we know who the real adults are here.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

36 thoughts on “Is Wicca right for you?

  1. просто потрясающая девушка. Ничего не понимаю что она говорит, но смотреть приятно :)))
    И конечно Blessed Be

  2. Merry Meet Sister! Well said, well said! I myself have been a solitary for 16 years, and I think you hit the nail on the head. Great book recommends too. I often recommend Cunningham’s “Wicca” as a starting point for people who are curious too. Again, well said all. Merry Part and Blessed Be!

  3. @Parapon3ra I feel sorry for your existence. You have nothing better to do then troll youtube in attempts to seem wise. Good luck with that.

  4. Terrific vid! I’m brand new to the practice, and it’s great to hear other people’s views and opinions. Thank you for sharing and bless! 🙂

  5. It is rather ironic, btw, that nature worship seems to be mostly a female thing. Apparently women don’t realize that by making them the breeders of the species, and burdening them with an especially uncomfortable and dangerous childbearing process (compared to for example egg laying animals), nature f***ed them over hard & good. And to add insult to injury, it also made them smaller, meeker, and weaker than men, which made patriarchy and millennia of rape & oppression more or less inevitable.

  6. Anarchists should worship nature, for it is chaos.
    Capitalists should worship nature, for it a constant, merciless struggle for resources.
    Fascists should worship nature, for it is the survival of the fittest; a brutal struggle for power that crushes the weak and favors the strong.
    Goths should worship nature, for it is an orgy of suffering and death.
    Lovey-dovey hippie types, otoh, should better look for something else to worship…

  7. Silly wiccans… Nature isn’t some kind of wise, benign godlike entity; it’s a mindless process that just happens because it can. Nature (evolution) is continuous struggle for food, sex, and survival; your ‘cycle of life’ is a brutal rat race that ultimately goes nowhere. One doomed generation spawning the next, until a giant asteroid or a dying sun puts everyone out of their misery. UNLESS… we take charge of our own evolution, and transcend biology with technology.

  8. @bubzzc0la01 Look into it a little bit, I know some people who have remained Christian but they practice meditation and magick in conjunction with their beliefs. Wiccans and Pagans believe in god as well but with a reverence for the masculine and feminine energies of the “God” and “Goddess”

  9. I still believe in god. I wanna b Wiccan but I think its because I just wanna do magic… I mite just stick to bein a Christian

  10. I used to be catholic but became a wiccan when I decided that the universe coudlnt have been created by one god alone: polytheism makes more sense than monotheism, so wicca makes more sense than islam or christianity: just my opinion

  11. I relate wholeheartedly with your words on connect with the spirit. Wicca is all about spirituality, and for me, it’s an extension of who I’ve always been. I consider myself a steward of this Earth. It never ceases to amaze me when people who do not understand fear Wicca and think its all about riding broomsticks and casting spells.

  12. Let me just say that you are amazing! When I was a teenager I was so lost and full of anger at the world. for a long time I didn’t believe in anything just kind of going my own way, until someone said I sounded wiccan. I had no clue what wicca was so I did some research and I found your videos. and i loved them they made me intrested in something and I started reading and now I am wiccan and happier than I have ever been before so thank you!

  13. @ccfcvalleylad How the heck is what TipToe says offensive to real Pagans? I’m a Pagan, and I am far from offended.

  14. @ccfcvalleylad Then what is a “real pagan” and why is this girl supposedly not one?

  15. @ruku871 Fair enough dumbass, i will hold off on the celebrating until a reasonable amount of time has passed. This way it gives ur curse a chance to work. How much time do you think you require?I shouldnt imagine that a high priest would need alot but i am a patient man and I do want to make absolutely sure you have as much time as you need. So how much time nancy boy? I have celebrating to do!!

  16. @MrOribear if you knew anything of magick youd know that just because it might not work initialy doesnt mean it wont work. remember that

  17. @ruku871 Yeah I won You put a curse on me dipshit and it it never worked.Seems my initial statement of wiccans have no magic is correct,but i always knew that. Ur a dumbass coz you think ur magick works. Ur also a weak maggot for blocking me. Dont you like conversing with people who are far more intelligent than you.Perhaps you could work on a spell that would make you smarter!!

  18. Hahah the weak maggot (ruku871)blocked me from his channel.This self proclaiming all mighty high wiccan priest(yeah right!!) put a curse on me which didnt work. It failed miserably. Once and for all proving beyond any reasonable doubt the “magick” that wiccans/witches,high priest/warlocks and the rest of you “magick” users that it is false.All ur little potions,spells and curses DO NOT WORK!! I am ORIBEAR and I am “magick”invincible!!

  19. @ruku871 “yawn and stretch” you still talking? lets face it dipshit, ur curse is nothing more than BS. You call urself a high priest,yet you have no power whatsoever!! Maybe you need to go back to ur cauldron and I dont know,mix up the spells a bit, maybe you will get lucky and discover a spell that actually works!!Mmmhh thats not gunna to happen,you might have to go to hogwarts!! Dumbass!!

  20. @ruku871 you guarentee it do you? hahah dumbass. Just how are you doing that? As a matter of fact I have had some excellent sleeps lately, no longer hunting witches at night so I am getting a full 8 hours everynight. It does have its down falls though. Every woman I sleep with bitches that I snore too much!! looks like ur curse has failed priestess!!

  21. @ruku871 like a baby bear during hibernation!! Hows that curse going maggot,im still waiting!!

  22. @ruku871 Well mr high and mighty priest you obviously have never come across me before coz I am invincible. I am Oribear and I am immune from ur bullshit curses and magick!!

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