Rune Sorcerey Protection Part 5

by devinf

Article by Ragnar Storyteller

Rune – Sorcery – Protection

Now that you have started your Rune Work and picked out your favorite chair of special room, or place to do your Rune Sorcery work in, it is time to protect it.

Protection from what? You ask. We live in an energy world. your room where you are now sitting is being bombarded with hundreds, perhaps thousands of Vibrational Frequencies. Many are harmful to your health, your spiritual growth and your Rune Sorcery Practice.

What are these frequencies? To begin with, your TV, even though it may not be on, attracts all the channels of every TV station that is broadcasting. There frequencies are constantly flowing through the walls of your home.

You do not need the vibrations of “The Simpsons” or subliminal messages to “buy MacDonlalds” streaming past your mind while your are trying to do your Rune Sorcery Ceremonies.

All the vibrations of the Radio stations are passing through your walls and you.

Computers, phones, cell phones, ovens, microwaves, TV’s, cell towers, and Ipods are all giving off harmful vibrations that affect your subtle energy bodies, causing illness.

The powerful EMF Power poles outside your house and running up and down the streets and under the ground emit harmful energy.

Cell phone towers blanket the surrounding area sending out very harmful frequencies.

Harp Towers, which the government is using to cover the country side with a “frequency web” is one of their anti-terrorist ploys, and for riot control.

Satellites are constantly being directed on you; entering your home, car and body.

These man made intrusive vibrational frequencies are very detrimental to the health or humans, animals and our Planet.

The constant dropping of Aluminum and Barium particles on our heads, is sprayed out of Air Force jets in one of their “Frankenstein” efforts,” their explanation”, to slow down the Global Warming.

There is not much you can do to stop these energies and vibrations, short of moving into the wilderness and throwing away all electrical and electronic devices.

But there is something you can do as a Rune Sorcerer. There is nothing man-made on the planet that was not first created in man’s mind.

As a Rune Sorcerer, you will use your mind to stop all these vibrations from entering your home and body.

It will take time. But with slow steady, daily practice it can and will be done. The trip of 1000 miles starts with a single, first step.

You will use mental Runes to build a barrier between you, your family, your home and the dangerous, negative vibrations.

When we talk about negative man-made physical vibrations, we must not leave out the negative emotional and mental vibrations being beamed at you.

Where are they coming from? They could be coming from jealous and vindictive friends and relatives who do not want you to succeed in your Magical, Spiritual Work; and perhaps leaving them behind while you grow.

They could be coming from negative, evil magicians or Sorcerers who do not want a new kid on the block learning their secrets. And as you try to follow the path of “Light” with your Rune Sorcery, it is just cosmic law that “Dark Forces” will be attracted to this Light, wanting to snuff it out, or eat your prana, ie life-force. So of course steps must be taken to protect against this.

There are numerous other negative and mental vibrations filling the air all around us.


Let’s start with the simplest protective Rune in your arsenal. This is the Rune Thorn, or Thurisaz, or Thor’s Hammer. This is a very powerful rune! Remember the story of “Sleeping Beauty?” How she and the whole castle fell asleep for a 100 years? And how the castle walls became covered with thick Rose bushes with tons of THORNS, thus PROTECTING the princess and the the castle occupants from outside influence. This story is a Germanic Fairy tale that speaks symbolically of the Rune Thurisaz, or the “Thorn rune.”

Again sit comfortably in your favorite chair, room or space. Relax, breath deeply and hold a copy of the Thorn Rune in your lap.

Now intone: (Remember your mind is a Radionics Device and what you see you touch. Plus what you see touches the energies in the Quantum Ocean and brings them into your Aura.)”I am now inhaling the Divine Protective Energy of the Rune Thorn out of the Quantum Ocean and into every cell of my body.” Repeat, Three times.

Now use your mental powers of visualization and protection. With your eyes still closed and your Aura full of Thorn Runic energy, picture the Thorn Rune (5 or 6 feet tall) in front of your shinning brightly.

Picture the Thorn Rune behind you, to your left, to your right, above and below you.

Your are now sitting in your favorite chair or sacred space surrounded by six large, shinning Thorn Runes.

Relax, stay awhile and enjoy. You are building a powerful Runic shield in the Etheric (energy field surrounding you.

Later we will expand it outward to protect Home and Property.

If someones mind created negative physical, mental and emotional vibrations and beamed them at you and your home; you can build a mental Runic Shield that will block them. You are constructing a Runic Ring Pass Knot. You are on your way to becoming a powerful Rune Sorcerer.

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