Spiritualist Village of Lily Dale, New York

From a 2000 visit to Lily Dale, in western New York State (the “Burned-Over District”), where the American religion of Spiritualism sprang up in the 1800s, attracting some of the same people who fought for abolition and female suffrage. Spiritualism holds that the dead live on in spirit, and often communicate with the living. Hear town historian Joyce Lajudice tell of getting word from the beyond of a mismatched suit (she has since passed on herself; Spiritualists never say “die”); and a local policeman explain how if he ever had to arrest a murderer, he’d use the opportunity to tell him about God and the Bible. And, spirit paintings, a cat, and Inspiration Stump.

22 thoughts on “Spiritualist Village of Lily Dale, New York

  1. Great town! Great video. Everyone who likes this should check out my videos. I have filmed videos of myself testing my little brother psychic phenomena (brought out through hypnosis). I’m sure you all would find the results interesting (especially since I have been very strict on him). Thank you.

  2. Can someone please tell me what was the point of that cop talking about the bible have anything to do with Lily Dale? LOL

  3. Wow, I got so involved writing this I didn’t notice that I put the wrong last name of one of the mediums I mentioned. It should read “Bonnie Woods” not Bonnie Wells and she actually has a house off the grounds of Lily Dale so you would need to contact her at spiritcolors@hotmail.com to make an appointment or you can message me for her contact info. I believe she also does phone readings if you live on the West Coast like I do. Sorry about that…

  4. I have also found it to be a really welcoming place where it is easy to make friends just by talking to someone in a class or on the porch of the hotel in the evening.

    I now live in California so I haven’t been able to visit Lily Dale in several years but given half a chance I would jump at the opportunity and if you live near there you would find a visit there to be uplifting and insightful.

  5. There are many ways to connect with the Divine there and while people go there for readings it’s not necessary to enjoy Lily Dale. If you do desire a reading, it can be overwhelming to decide who to go to, so if you can witness a public reading at the inspiration stump which is offered free daily then you can see who you resonate with. I would recommend Barbara Sanson or Bonnie Wells who I have had sessions with and they both provided insight, inspiration with clarity and compassion.

  6. Lily Dale provides a place for spiritual transformation and healing. If you sit for a free healing in the temple, you will experience the palpable presence of Spirit. If you walk through the woods to inspiration stump, you will also feel the tangible sacredness of the ground you are standing upon.

  7. The writer also misses the mark when she mentions that there is only one place to stay in Lily Dale when in fact there are numerous bed and breakfasts and 2 hotels and not one.

    I don’t really appreciate the tone of this video clip yet if it inspires you to do further research into Lily Dale then it serves it’s purpose.

  8. It’s both beautiful environmentally and energetically with it’s beautiful lake and outstanding old growth forests and there is nothing that could remotely be considered ‘seedy’ about it.

    It is a quaint village of mediums and spiritualists in a setting reminiscent of tiny Swiss village occupied by enchanting gingerbread cottages and small unique houses.

  9. “picturesquely seedy enclave” Whatever writer, editor, or producer who came up with that phrase to begin this video segment of Lily Dale, I believe has really missed the mark.

    If you’ve been there, you would know this is a profoundly sacred place. The esteemed Kevin Ryerson considers Lily Dale to be a power spot where you find a unique vortex of energy not found anywhere else on earth!

  10. @CrystalChord2010

    Hi CrystalChord,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I agree there are some who do connect with the spiritual world, but I disagree with what or who these individuals claim to contact. On this matter I am very subjective, but thats just my opinion.

    If you do go to Lily Dale, try to keep a record of what was said to you so that you can analyze it later. Maybe give us viewers on YouTube your persepctive on that experience?


  11. @OCPRS I believe there are some who “fake it” to just get money, and there are some who really are spiritualists, and really do connect with what we can’t see. Those who are faking will get their just desserts in the end, I think.

    It’s been suggested to me by two or three people that I visit there. I’m not sure why. Maybe if I go I will find out.

  12. Hi there,

    Some say that modern Spiritualism was exposed as fake by one of its key founders, Margaretta Fox. She demonstrated how they produced those rapping noises at their Hydesville home by using an apple and string.

    She also exposed how she and Katie (Catherine) Fox produced rapping sounds using the knuckles of their toes.

    The NEW YORK WORLD newspaper also printed Margaretta’s confession on Oct. 21 1888.

    How do spiritualists account for these today?

  13. I was reading a novel by Wendy Corsi Staub, in the book, it has some fictional characters, and fictional mediums, and I thought Lily Dale was a fictional place, but once I finished it, it said in the very back that Lily Dale wasn’t a fictious place. So here I am, just simply curious about the history of it. 🙂 I want to go there someday.. Real or not, I don’t care. It seems like a very nice place with very nice people.

  14. I visited here before going to do a paranormal investigation at rolling hills. This is an odd place with different people! They are different but very nice. The hotel is quaint. I would suggest going just to absorb the experience.

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