what does the “rising sign ” mean in your horoscope?

Question by Lilskeerd: what does the “rising sign ” mean in your horoscope?

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Answer by searchingjohn
your rising sign or ascendant is one of the most important things when looking at an astrological chart.The ascendant is the most personal point in the chart. It is the YOU of the chart.
you could even look at this sign in the daily paper as well as your sun sign. it is also your prime motivation in life.
if you would like more info on your astrological chart go to yahoo chat rooms and go to astrology room 3 there is always someone in there willing to give you a helping hand

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  1. It is called as ASCENDANT in English and LAGNA in Sanskrit.
    Based on it all other planetary positions in the twelve house are related and predictions are made.

  2. Why are you asking this under “astronomy?” Your question belongs under “astrology,” under the entertainment section.

    If you want a scientific explanation to your question, the answer is that it doesn’t mean anything (just like your horoscope).

  3. Don’t listen to that guy above me. Astrology is true. Why else would people spend so much money on it?

  4. Hi Lilskeerd

    Astrology divides the subjective sky around earth’s equator into twelve equal subsections called “houses” each these is ruled by one of the familiar signs of the zodiac.

    Your ascendant or rising sign is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. As such it is the part of your horoscope which is most sensitive to the hour of your birth. The rising sign is designated your “first house”, and from there you can work out your zenith (the sign which was directly over head when you were born), your descendent (opposite your ascendant) and your nadir (opposite your zenith).

    Your ascendant sign, along with your sun sign and your lunar sign, makes up your “luminaries”. these are the three most important parts of the horoscope for personality analysis.

    Hope this helps!
    The Chicken

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