When did the Native Americans go from “Savage” to “Proud Spiritualist”?

Question by Hank: When did the Native Americans go from “Savage” to “Proud Spiritualist”?
I am having trouble finding the period of time where the transformation is made. My educated guess is late 1800’s (after the civil war and the end of the cowboy era), but I do not really know.

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Answer by J&C H
Educated guess is that it did not happen until the Carter Administration and political correctness.

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  1. try to see a film called “Reel Injun” which shows how hollywood has had a profound impact on how american indians have been viewed by non natives.

    the early films..mostly silent..even starred native people…real native people, not whites in red face. they were the heroes as well. then the period following made cowboys the heroes and the indian the bad guys…they also stopped using actual native people in these roles and instead used makeup on white people. in the late 1970s the stereotype shifted again to the noble savage and continued with movies like dances with wolves.

    all of these used stereotypes which most non natives never bother getting past even today. once again we find non natives either hate us for made up reasons (thinking we get free college or tax free money from the government or that we are all drunks) or they put us on a pedestal thinking we are all spiritual gurus and they want to be us. both are annoying. we are human beings living in the 21st century with all the same issues many non natives deal with.

  2. Natives were always proud and always highly spiritual.

    ‘ savage’ was an unfair term applied to natives by ignorant Europeans

  3. For the First Nations Peoples in the time period in your question, they lived in the spiritual “life way”. Every act was involved with spiritual sense. Spiritual awareness was an unconscious thought, a state of being. Just living was a spiritual experience.

    WE became “savage” when the whites began raiding our villages, stealing our food supplies and killing our women and our children and our elders. . Would you not “savagely” fight to protect your family, your children, parents, grandparents? To protect you means of survival through the winter? for the right to exist?

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