Yin Yoga

Here a few yin yoga poses focussing on the lower back and hip area. Come and visit my site www.Yogatic.com for more… In yin yoga you hold the poses from 3-5 minutes. It is of great benefit to the body, it works more on the deep connective tissues and joints, rather than on the more superficial yang tissues like the skin and the muscles. Very restorative!

24 thoughts on “Yin Yoga

  1. I heart yin yoga. When i feel tired or don’t feel strong, this is a great practice that gives long lasting good feeling!

  2. I used to workout every day but it’s been over 6 months… and now I am in the worst shape of my life. These poses felt great and were a fantastic way to kick off my before bed workout! Thanks for sharing!

  3. thank you so much esther!! wonderful sequence! i would love to add more poses!!

  4. Thank you so much Esther, your video’s are so informative,I learn more and more from them every time I view them.

  5. Thank you so much Esther, your video’s are so informative,I learn more and more from them.

  6. Can men do this? Cos I know of the damages Kundalini yoga can do to women, I’d rather not break in hives if I give myself some extra Yin!

  7. Thank you Esther for all your wonderful videos, I like all of them. I ve this sequence just the 2nd time and already feel progress. Pls share some more videous of yin yoga. Namaste

  8. Wonderful sequence!!!!! Even though I’m not that flexible yet, each pose is sooo inviting! I know I will advance more and more as I practice. Thank you so much Esther. Hope to see more yin yoga videos from you. Grateful from Mexico, Alejandra

  9. could you show us the alternatives throughout also…no rush though:)

  10. I love your vids esther!.The yin one was good and a great hip opener too.Thanks,ken

  11. Are there other poses you would recommend using in this fashion? I’m specifically thinking about more poses for the spine and hips. Thanks!

  12. Dear Esther, thank you so much. I love this video. You are fantastic and motivating teacher. Really looking forward to your video. Wish you all the best. Snjezana

  13. just did this sequence for 3 minutes a time and it was amazing, thanks for your videos I have never done yoga before and I feel really good after a long stressful day at the office, Im getting addicted !

  14. So far I’m only doing the poses for the same amount of time you do them, and its already helping me. I aim to slowly increase my time. Yoga has such a positive effect on the body and mind!

  15. as soon as i tried this i felt a change in my back and body i felt very calm and warm thanks

  16. THANK YOU i always wanted to know more about Yin Yoga! So glad you chose this topic!!!

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