Does anyone hear know or believe in your “Twin Flame”?

Question by Love of Truth: Does anyone hear know or believe in your “Twin Flame”?
There is a theory that when God created us he created us as male and female Ovid. Your soul split & one half, the masculine energy went one way, & the other half, the feminine energy went the other. As we spiritual progress or for that matter digress it affects our other twin flame. We might not meet our twin flame in this lifetime, but in some life we are bound to. They may be a friend, sibling, parent, relative, or other associate. People don’t realize this as they have a romantic conceptualization about soul mates which is not the same thing as a Twin Flame. We can have many soul mates or kindred spirits but we only have one twin flame. Often when we meet our twin flame things aren’t always love and roses but often all hell breaks loose as they stimulate our karmic crap to come to the surface. I believe I was in relationship with my twin flame about 5 years back, and let me tell you it was a very powerful experience. & yes, all hell did break loose.
bettierage, sounds like an interesting story.
no, really,…, Actually I believe this comes out of the Hindu Tradition. A woman named Elizabeth Clare Prophet has most recently brought it to the attention of the western world. She has an easy to read book about it. Also she has a very interesting website with not only information about this subject but a whole host of fascinating topics. Here’s the link to the site if you are interested.
no, really, …, I believe it to be possible that one might be born out of ones energy orientation which might explain the feeling of being confused in a particular genders body. However the Twin Flame concept states you are only whole as male and female energies bound into one self. Reunion with the Twin Flame might be one spiritual goal we strive to seek. This may explain the reason why so many people feel incomplete without a life partner. I do believe her book advocates that you can feel whole without literal union with ones Twin Flame. You are always connected to him/her in one way shape or form and this can be tapped into via certain spiritual exercises.

You also asked about soul mates. For one we have many soul mates but only one Twin Flame. A soul mate is a kindered spirit with whom share a spiritual tast. Elizabeth classifies many types of relationships in her book including karmic relationships in which one works with another partner to over come a particular issue.
no, really, …, You asked how I know I met my twin flame. I don’t but I highly suspect it. When we first saw each other there was an electricity to our glaze that very much surprised me. Also during a grueling break up I came across this information in which I saw as an omen affirming what I had been going through. Our relationship was intense from the day we met to the day it ended and is still a powerful experience that resonates with me even today. I feel our relationship sparked more spiritual growth than any relationship romantic or otherwise I had ever been in. When I was around her the whole world would literally become brighter & I was totally comfortable being around her regardless of whether or not sex was involved. The love I felt for her was so intense that it literally became a vehicle of spiritual mysticism. In essence when you experience it you will know, or at least like I have will strongly suspect it.
tinu n, research it and find out for yourself. Start by clicking on the link I provided. I’m not sure she provides her resource but I’m almost positive this is an esoteric Hindu concept. If you know anything about Hinduism you would know it is vast and varied. It is almost impossible to keep inventory of it all.

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Answer by bettierage
I’ve got what you would call a twin flame, then. All hell has been breaking loose for 16 years now! =0)

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  1. this isn’t an answer, more a question…
    where did you hear about this? do you know what particular culture or part of history this comes from? i thinks its very interesting… duality and overcoming it is present in all religions, and gender as a big part of it.
    what about someone who doesn’t feel wholly male or female? what would their twin flame be? what is the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate, and what made you know you met yours?

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