The truth behind spirit guides (1 of 11) Spiritualism testimony

doug harris on revelation tv show simply the truth interviews two guests about spiritualism and spirit guides. One deliverance minister and a former spiritualist speak about their experience with the spiritual realm.
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  1. @2013lifeline and if you believe that, then you must also believe that God gives us several spiritual gifts. One being “the discernment of spirits.” 1 Cor. 12:10. This is directly talking about being able to tell when you are in the presence of a good spirit or a malevolent entity, which is psychic powers, specifically my gift, clairsentience, at its best.

  2. @organicheart You have absolutely nothing to worry about. A spirit guide is assigned to you at birth and it follows you all around. Sometimes it can be in the form of an animal and sometimes it’s a person. Mine happens to be a fox. I’m lead by a fox spirit. And you’re absolutely correct. Every experience I’ve ever had with my spirit guide has been positive. To call it a “demonic entity” is a grave mistake on that person’s part.

  3. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that if you are a Christian, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just very like Christianity to scare its followers or others into believing their ways. I’m a psychic and medium. I’m what they call a clairsentient, meaning I can simply be in a room with someone and feel their emotions as intensely as I feel my own. Am I going to hell for that? For something I’ve been able to do since I was a young man? No. Of course I’m not. Because God made me that way.

  4. In order to speak in favor of soul7711, I’d like to state that “demons,” are simply projections of our own negative energy. And it would be good for organicheart to listen to me as well: when that negative energy manifests itself electromagnetically it can take the appearance of what we believe to be a “demon.” In other words, this video is simply right wing Christianity spreading it’s small minded propaganda at its finest. Spirit Guides aren’t evil. Biggots are.

  5. @organicheart – Hi I have been researching Spirit Guides/Psychics for 10 months and also have friends who are able to give Psychic Readings. This interview is very accurate in its content, please understand that SATAN and his Legions masquerade as ANGELS OF LIGHT as mentioned in the Bible (humans are easily fooled and manipulated) Religion is also false and often twisted by Man! Accepting Jesus as your Saviour in your heart and Bible study will answer all questions and is the ONLY way to Heaven.

  6. Same here, even if you’re praying to god you have to deal with satan? Whatever you donuts a ‘belief’ of the spiritworld by opening up one door you open up another but I can’t follow this interview because I never entertain anything that makes me feel bad or could. So I step away and pray to god. I don’t use and haven’t used an ouija board but I probably would stay away from that?

  7. My experiences with spirit guides are the most positive. This interview is scaring me and making me feel uncomfortable.

  8. @earthalien77
    Well said.

    You can indeed find those Chruches that cast out demons.

    But most are ethnic immigrant churches such as African etc so it would be a little harder to find them

    But they are many and they exist so if a demon is worrying you, you can take it up by youself or find one of those churches.



  10. I really think, everything related to the spiritual realm is still a taboo. Science still doesn’t have the means to study details of all these matters that are being discuss here. It doesn’t mean they dont exist. But very few people are able to understand the deep meaning of spirituality. Our education doesn’t teach us to use the other side of our brain where the intuition, abstract thinking is, needed to understand these deep knowledge. Practice meditation to develop these abilities.

  11. Spiritual Healers work differently from Faith Healers (you don’t need Faith to receive Healing). It is within the Spiritual plane, where those who have great knowledge and a desire to Heal others (Doctors etc), work through Channels via by Healing Angels. One of the most powerful healers was Harry Edwards who performed much healing in front of Doctors and health professionals, straightening spinal curvatures. But, Orthodox Church (predictably ) dismissed these without any investigation.

  12. @graceinmay …”But the emphasis is still on the person doing the channeling”…No actually, you assume much of the things for which you are prejudiced about. I’m sorry, but you’re going to twist, and turn it until it fits in with your religious beliefs and opinions when you make such assumptions re. Reiki.
    ..”And one doesn’t only ask the Lord for protection, He is One’s protection, and should be the focal point. not the healer”…Well, exactly!!

  13. @RobbeyT But the emphasis is still on the person doing the channeling, and their abilities are described as gifts, or work at which one can be brilliant. It sounds more like Reiki, quite frankly, than healing in the Holy Spirit. And one doesn’t only ask the Lord for protection, He is One’s protection, and should be the focal point. not the healer, or the power working through the healer. And if there is no difference, why side with Spiritulists?

  14. @graceinmay ..Same within a True Spiritualist Church, they open up in prayer to the Lord Jesus and pray for those who suffer, (dedication) they hold beautiful Sunday Services. In private “circles” Spiritualists” must and “should” also ask to the Lord for protection and spend much time on this. With Healing, it is always understood that you’re only a Channel or instrument of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus, it is a gift that is to be used only for the benefit of others.

  15. @RobbeyT Christian healing is not the same thing as healing of your own power or skills, Robbey. Christian healing is, quite simply, praying in Jesus’ Name, praying to Him for help and healing, and praying for others to be healed, to the Father or to the Son, in the Holy Spirit. it’s not about our abilities, skills, or personal power, it’s about the power of Jesus’ Name and Person over evil and sickness.

  16. Wickedness, deception and deceit?! Christian hype and propaganda I’m afraid. My mother was an excellent Clairvoyant, a Christian Spiritualist for many attacks! She was brilliant at her work and helped many. My brother-in-law is a spiritual healer and very much a “sensitive”, he’s happy with his family and all is well! I Astral Project successfully without attacks.

    Jesus said “All that I have done, you may do also…”

  17. The question has been answered many times: the righteous who were born and died before Jesus had opened the way to Heaven went in the outer boundary of Hell (Limbo or ‘the bosom of Abraham’, rather than the Hell of the Damned) were rescued by Jesus (“He descended to Hell”). Thus, Moses and others (“saints” of the Old Testament) looked forward to Jesus and ‘waited’ for him. As for the unrighteous of those times, well they went the same place the unrighteous have gone ever since.

  18. A Carlinism.. paraphrasing… Be careful or you will go to hell where you will suffer, choke, pain, burn, cough, anguish, fear, despair… BUT GOD LOVES YOU! LOLOL

  19. yeah thts right u and awhole lot of other people give the same response cuz yall dont believe once red this ur gonna give me the same along the lines,when science , experiences hav been shared, if u think wat u kno and wanna test the theory tht u claim u kno ask god to give u a sign trust me he’ll answer i kno ask ur spirit guide aloud for a sign tht he/or she exists in time ull recieve proof and dont bother responding stuf u said b4 just ask god for proof hes done same 4 me

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