question about a sun signs “physical appearance”?

Question by LoveBug: question about a sun signs “physical appearance”?
if everyone has a Rising sign (which some say is how people see you), then why is it expected for a sun sign to have a certain appearance e.g Pisces are supposed to have “dreamy” expressions? both me and my brother are Cancers, i’m a Scorpio rising and he’s an Aquarius rising, some astrology websites describe cancers as resembling the moon or a crab (i.e spaced out eyes, large forehead :S) whereas others say that whatever sun sign you are, you will still look more like your rising sign because the sun sign is your “inner” self. for example they mean that i’m supposed to look like a Scorpio, and my brother resembles an Aquarius.. so what’s your opinion on this? would a person look like sun or rising sign on the outside?

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Answer by dr.dave
I’d say get your head out of the stars! Take a good look at your parents and grand parents to understand why it is you look the way you look. There is nothing in the stars that can for tell anything!

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  1. Appearance in astrology is complex. The Rising sign is a big factor on how you look, since it is how you project yourself to the world. So as a Scorpio Rising, you will generally project the looks associated with Scorpio, more so than a Scorpio with another Rising sign. However, your Sun sign and other planetary factors also have a say in how you look, so your Scorpio Rising might not project itself in the same way another person’s would. You also have to take aspects made to the Ascendant into consideration. If you have Venus conjunct your Ascendant, for example, it would add beauty, grace, and charm to your appearance and personality. So there are a lot of factors to consider. Then, in the end, how you look is strongly based on your genes, but the Rising sign adds some of its characteristics. So if you are a Scorpio Rising, you may still look like a product of your parents, but your eyes might be more piecing, etc. etc. etc.

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