What is a “rising sign”?

Question by ♥Dance Obsessed♥: What is a “rising sign”?
& How do i figure out mine?

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^^^ I asked the same questions and I got some answers hope this helps you

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  1. rising sign is how you seem on the outside. what other people see in you!

    “Why is that Leo so unassuming and self-abnegating? Isn’t Leo a flamboyant sign? He has a Capricorn Ascendant. That Pisces friend who is always running around, talking about everything under the Sun, has a Gemini Ascendant. That man who has been married quite a few times, who is given to some fairly rude and shocking “observations” about others. He has a rather critical Virgo Moon and a say-it-like-it-is Mercury in Aquarius. However, he always seems to come across as a nice guy. His Libra Ascendant gives him a smooth, overall charm that keeps people from thinking him difficult (except perhaps, his ex-wives).

    The Ascendant (or rising sign) is often considered the mask one wears when meeting others. Perhaps it is most aptly thought of as the automatic responses to one’s environment. The Ascendant shows our natural defenses and how we cope with day-to-day issues. The energies of the sign and condition of the Ascendant are most overt and obvious to others. The Ascendant shows an individual’s first, natural reaction to new people and situations.

    What follows are general interpretations of the sign position of the Ascendant. Remember that these characteristics are modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, planets that aspect the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant. For example, a person with an Aries Ascendant with its ruling planet, Mars, in Sagittarius will respond to the environment a little differently than another person, also with an Aries Ascendant, but whose Mars is in Scorpio. Similarly, a person with a Pisces Ascendant who also has Saturn conjunct it will “behave” differently than someone with a Pisces Ascendant who does not have that aspect.”

    you can go to http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/calculate.php

  2. A rising sign, aka Ascedant is how you appear to others and its figured out using your exact birth time. For example I’m a Scorpio Sun with Sagittarius on my Ascendant. On the outside I’m talkative, optimistic and bubbly etc. but once you get to know me you find I’m more intense, pessimistic, mysterious and sensitive than you originally thought.

    If you go to CafeAstrology and follow the Natal Birth chart link you’ll be able to find out you’re Rising Sign and where it is on your chart.

  3. A rising sign is the sign that was on the horizon at the time and place you were born. The rising sign is the sign you appear to be. It is the front you put out to others.
    Go to Yahoo and search for FREE NATAL BIRTH CHART.
    you can find out what is yours that way.
    they will ask you time and place you were born, and your birthdate.

  4. Technically speaking, your rising sign — or ascendant — reflects the zodiac sign that was ascending on the Eastern horizon at the moment you took your first breath in this world. This is why an exact birth time is so vital to finding your accurate rising sign. Located on the cusp of the first house of your astrological chart — or at the nine o’clock position — the rising sign can exert an influence almost as powerful as your Sun and Moon signs.

    If you were to think of your Sun sign as your soul — your inner personality and potential — and your Moon sign as your heart — your emotional core — then you could say that your rising sign is your physical self or the face you present to the world. For example, though your Sun sign might be Taurus, your rising sign could very well be Gemini. While you’re feeling laid-back, others will tend to see you as a ball of nervous energy and cerebral wit.

    At times, your rising sign may act as a mask, hiding some aspect of your inner self you don’t feel like revealing. What’s your mask? How do others see you? Find out with your rising sign.

    You can find out yours here-

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