How would homeopathy “cure” a person who has had a thyroid destroyed?

Question by Tink: How would homeopathy “cure” a person who has had a thyroid destroyed?
A question yesterday was posted regarding a thyroid condition, and the following replies were posted.

“See a professional Homeopath. It may be possible to reverse the problem completely by restoring normal thyroid function or seriously reduce any prescribed medications. It’s by far your best bet.”

Another supporter of homeopathy claims:
“It is not a life sentence as the stupid allopathic(quack) doctor would like you to believe. Please find a local homeopath and you will be happy to get rid of your problem safely. Do not let angry nit picking scavenger foul mouthing of a troll let you tell otherwise. They are paid agents of the drug industry patrolling on this forum to do false propaganda. Also remember the queen of England and her royal family have HOMEOPATH as a royal physician and not a poisonous
drug pusher. Hope this awakens you that it is not a death sentence as this stupid allopathic quacks would like you to believe.”

Tell me, how DOES homeopathy treat someone who has had a thyroid destroyed?
The world would love to know.

Best answer:

Answer by Tom
Homeopathy cannot treat anyone for anything, except dehydration.

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8 thoughts on “How would homeopathy “cure” a person who has had a thyroid destroyed?

  1. Unless homeopathy can somehow replace the essential hormones that the thyroid produces, I really don’t see how it CAN cure somebody who has lost thyroid function.

    Homeopathy is based on the concept that if a particular substance causes particular symptoms in a healthy person, that extremely small quantities of it can cure those same symptoms in an unhealthy person. However, a thyroid that is no longer producing the necessary hormones is a rather big and complicated problem. The hormones that the thyroid produces control how quickly we burn energy from food, and that can have an effect on everything from weight loss or gain to heart rate.

    So basically, you don’t want to mess with your thyroid if you don’t have to. I’m sure that homeopathic remedies can be very useful in some situations, but there’s no scientific reason to think that an extremely small (virtually undetectable) amount of some chemical that can suppress your thyroid activity is going to be able to REPLACE your thyroid function. Or your hormones. And things like my heart rate are not things I’d be willing to gamble on.

  2. “Unusual claims require unusually good proof.” James Randi

    Homeopathy is the biggest con of all of the “Alternative Medicine” bullshit.

    BBC Horizon – Homeopathy: The Test
    A 200-year-old practice, homeopathy, is used by millions of people including politicians and pop stars. Footballer David Beckham benefited from homeopathic treatments and the Royals have been keen users of homeopathy since the days of Queen Victoria.

    Horizon which brings a team of scientists together, joins the $ 1m challenge of James Randi to test the claims of homeopaths. Broadcasted on 26 November 2002, BBC 2.

    GoogleVideo Search:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=590bae2b80118e03

  3. It can’t.

    As you saw from Lo’s re-post;_ylt=Ap6kAEpNfxL0CRxNdKCmEinty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110410000613AAnsn0J, our resident homeopaths never present any valid evidence to support their claims. Instead, we get a long line of fallacious arguments- the very opposite of evidence- e.g; “Homeopathy is a 200 year old system” and “the big pharma shills on here aren’t interested in finding cures” and “big pharma suppress” etc.

    The answers you are quoting are a common non sequitur diversionary tactic used by the alties when they are pressed for evidence.

  4. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” Carl Sagan paraphrasing Laplace.

    Good to reference the BBC Horizon documentary about the $ 1M challenge. All they have to do to claim this $ 1M is to be able to show they can differentiate between two samples prepared in identical ways, one with the ingredient and one without going past the Avogadro number. Should be simple enough.

    Water is good for dehydration, dirty skin, and numerous other conditions afflicting the human body. Not going to do jot for thyroid problems though.

    I await more answers with interest.

  5. Homeopathy can address the root cause of a thyroid disorder thereby helping restore normal functioning. If the thyroid has been so damaged that it cannot function at all, you would need to see a traditional doctor who will prescribe thyroid hormones for you.

    The only health issues homeopathy cannot treat are organs which are beyond repair and can never produce needed substances like insulin or thyroid hormones and situations in which surgery is truly needed such as the repair of a congenital hole in the heart or in setting a broken bone.

  6. Homeopathy may be helpful in placebo sensitive conditions that members of the royal family may have, but a destroyed thyroid is no such thing.

    Homeopathy has been around for approximately 200 years, and it hasn’t evolved as our understanding of physiology (how the body works) and physics has increased. The law of similars (like cures like) is a core principle in homeopathy. From present day understanding of physiology we know, that this principle has no biological basis, but this was not self evident 200 years ago.
    It is also a misnomer to call it a holistic system. A homeopath prescribes remedies based on symptoms. And the more symptoms you have, the more remedies will be prescribed. It is a symptom based system in the extreme – not a holistic system.

    Another core principle is, that the effect gets stronger the more the remedy is diluted (and shaken vigorously (succussed)). From present day knowledge, we know that nothing else in nature gets stronger when diluted and succussed. But again this was not self evident 200 years ago. Today we understand, that something that has an effect in concentrated form will not have this effect if sufficiently diluted. And homeopathic remedies are so diluted, that not a single molecule of the original substance is present.

    Nowadays many homeopathic remedies are adminstered as pills. I am not sure if they did that 200 years ago, but it is an absurdity of modern homeopathy. At some point in the manufacturing process, a drop of water (the diluted and succussed remedy) is dripped on the pill, which is then left to dry. Today we understand, that when the pill is dry, the water has evaporated.

    Many diseases waxes and wanes (Regression to the mean), so if a homeopath says it can take some time to work he will be correct in many instances, but not because of the remedies. Part of the effect some people experience from taking homeopathy is attributable to the placebo effect (Attributable to expectation, conditioning, endorphins etc.). To know if homeopathy works beyond waxing/waning and placebo you have to do “Randomised blinded placebo controlled studies”. When you do that, it turns out, that homeopathy can’t do anything that any other placebo can’t do.

    So homeopathy is based on 200 years old ideas, that present day understanding tells us are wrong. The pills are without the “active” substance (The pills are dry), and studies without bias are unable to demonstrate any effect beyond placebo of the homeopathic remedies.

  7. Some people with cancer are cured,
    some people with a broken limb got cured much faster,
    some people who survive swine flu got a super immune system.

    Do we (especially pseudoscientists) know why?
    Often not.
    And if we (pseudoscientists) say we know, we (pseudoscientists) often only understand it at a certain level, let alone control it.
    Admitting this could burden us being overpaid.

    Now it’s my turn :
    if you pseudoscientists don’t understand this,
    how do you want me to explain the answer on your question.
    It’s like explaining Gödels Theorems to the toilet lady at Buckingham Palace,
    she is less arrogant than you are, and maybe she would UNDER-STAND it in all its dimension.

  8. Tinkaroo, that is just crazy talk.

    Ever wonder why the homeopaths don’t pitch kool-aid? You would think the added flavor and color could be a useful selling point. Feeling down and out? Then have we got something cool,fruity and refreshing for you, buddy! Ever drink something green? No? Then you’ll double dig this!

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