A Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh

Over 100000 views! Thank you everyone for watching and leaving comments, it means a lot! My mom introduced me to a song that was dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh… I became inspired to put together a small slideshow of some of his works. —– And yes, I made this. I keep getting PMs asking for the person who made it, when the person who made it is the one you’re PMing. Thank you. Song: Vincent (Starry Starry Night) — Don McLean
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21 thoughts on “A Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh

  1. It’s beautiful!!!
    The song…the images…Great work!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. His story is so sad. He was named after his Sis who passed away. He wasn’t easy to get along with and his ear lobe got chopped off by his friend so he had to lie to the cops saying he was impressing a girl at the local pub and they believed him cause they thought he was crazy. He went in and ot of the mental hospital. He was very close to his bro and they would sent notes and Vincent would through alot of his bros notes away and he started sending his bro painting and his bro would keep all the

  3. @Cavango They now let mostly the japanese tourists pay for that hehe..VGogh had a big love for Japanese prints and they tell all the japanese people that so they go there to pay some respect back..smart eh..yeah they still make money from the dead. Fok the whole artworld and their bussiness idiots who are taking away the realness and the message as well, its a bunch of fools that dont even paint themselves..or maybe on a sunday lol. peace

  4. V.Gogh was a socialist. He hated and rejected the capitalist system already rising back then..by the Dutch tulip market etc. Capitalsim brings power and money to only a few elite in the end while the rest has to suffer their deccisions and false law making. V Gogh would demand free entree for people to watch his work (at least for the youth and poor)..majesty Bea can pay for that lol. If she likes art so much. Well, to put it this way,VGogh didnt like most of you decadent basterds. Peace out

  5. @TheJoyalty V.Gogh was christian too..but guess what. He shitted on most christians as well. With a reason. They were cowards, yust praying a lot and saying his painting was not ‘good ‘lol. And then there is dramatic story’ about him wich is yust used to make a myth really. He never cut off his ear for example. He did was dissapointed in people. He also been a vicar, lead the church for some time in a village here but was rejected by the locals because he was ‘too poor” and gave everything away.

  6. Brabant de gekste!! Van Gogh was not ear! (it was a true painting king!)

  7. Poor Vincent! I became really interested in this man after watching a episode of Doctor Who in series 5 called Vincent and the Doctor(my favourite episode from series 5)and it was also because of this episode i fell in love with sunflowers. Very emotional episode and acted fantastically by all!

  8. Very weell Vincent. You are the Best….you with Chagall and Munch are the best artist the world…

  9. beautifully done! a genius yet troubled man that truly loved art and only through his death did we see his genius. thank you for this video!

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  11. I just finished reading all his letters, over 900 of them. The man is a genious. I love you, Van Gogh!!

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