What do u know about world’s oldest & best religion “Hinduism”?

Question by Hindustani: What do u know about world’s oldest & best religion “Hinduism”?
Do u know about holy books of Hinduism?

Why they dont feel shy when they lie that “Islam “or “Christianity” is oldest Religion?

Dont u think quality is important than quantity in religion?

I hope that u can give me answer honestly without any prejudice?

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Answer by Trey45
The only thing I know for a fact about Hinduism is they were the 1st advanced mathemeticians, they invented the integer of zero(0) as a way of seperating positive numbers from negative numbers, something the muslims claim they invented(yet another islamic lie)

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  1. Well firstly, Hinduism is not the oldest religion in the world. It is one of the oldest living religions however Zoroastrinism is a religion which certainly dates back further than current day Hinduism.

    There can never be a definitive answer in Hinduism because while there are certain traditions and rules to respect, the religion is rather subjective and therefore there is no one way to practise it as it is different in all communities and states around India.

    As well, Hinduism dates back to 1500BC when the Aryans invaded the Indus Civilisation. They were at that time a savage group of nomads but definately developed into a philosophically advanced civilisation. Around the time of the composition of the Vedas which are the oldest texts of Vedism(Prehinduism), the main god was Indra who was the God of Fire, in current day Hinduism the most important gods are Shiva and Vishnu, with Bhrama holding the position as the creator.

    As writing had not been re-invented in India at the time, everything was learnt orally until the Asokan era in 400BC when the first known existence of the Bhrami script is thought to have been developed. This could be the reason for the evolution of the religion over time.

    Quality is certainly important in religion, however, I do believe that Christianity is a religion that can be analysed and for that reason, like Hinduism, there are many different methods of practising it and therefore it is able to answer man’s age old fear of the unknown. This is allowed as he can choose the sect that he feels most comfortable with and with which he holds greater belief to.

    I do not believe that any Christian or Muslim would claim that their religion is the oldest religion in the world.

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