What is Bikram Yoga?

www.WatchMojo.com takes a look at Hot Yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga and we find out how if differs from traditional Yoga.
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20 thoughts on “What is Bikram Yoga?

  1. Bull… Don’t tell me kids before puberty don’t have full grown sweat glands. I used to sweat like a true mothertrucker back when I was a whee little kid. I remember riding my big wheels up and down my road and coming inside with a wet shirt from being outside in the 100+ degree weather.

  2. Bikram is having yourself in a 110 degree room, sweating, and smelling people’s sweat.

  3. I’m a B’boy (aka Break Dancer) and I’m a little older than most… I had a trainer tell me this would help out tremendously. I look forward to starting it

  4. it’s ok it will kick start your body to get back in shape. i notice they don’t have the tacky, stinky carpets in london, they do in NY, also horrid flourescent lights so when they go on about how healthy it is you can’t help but laugh. i’ll take hot yoga from somewhere more pleasant after my 1 st month Bikram yoga is really disrespectful to its students. he must be real cheap too you pay 4 water!

  5. @demonAnarchy i think there is aa certain age group now to whom everything has some relationship or connection to sex. maybe because people of that specific age group identify themselves as a person totally by their physical appearance. they dont identify themselves with their mind. they cannot relate to that

  6. @giblesp1 – your last sentence sounds like the typically pretentious stuff that is written about yoga.

    Bikram isn’t about pretence. It’s an unashamedly, no nonsense, direct aerobic workout that most of its participants get benefits from. It beats going to the gym, jogging and other high impact exercise. Many people have experienced improvements in sports injuries that have been sustained elsewhere.

  7. @larcm3 – I’ve been doing Bikram Yoga for just over two months 2 to 3 times a week and have completed 22 sessions. It’s improved my sex life as a consequence and I get much hornier than before. I’m male and Bikram is the best exercise I’ve ever taken part in. As a regular workout it’s good for strength, stamina and suppleness. In addition I also lift dumbell weights and do 30 press-ups and back press-ups 6 mornings out of 7.

  8. bikram yoga is no joke! it’s hard lol…but the physical & most important, spiritual benefits are so rewarding in my opinion (-: namast√©

  9. yoga is such a broad category – there are thousands of asanas. Take from it what you want.

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