Esther demonstrates a dynamic flow of yoga poses, not really for beginners.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a film made by McPetruk in 1938 showing and shows Iyengar demonstrating yoga. Here we see a young Iyengar (still alive, well, and doing yoga, BTW) doing advanced poses that constitute the advanced A & B astanga series. This is obviously well before Iyengar dropped the vinyasa aspect from his practice and rebranded it as “Iyengar Yoga”, putting greater emphasis on alignment.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 thoughts on “YOGA VINYASA FLOW .

  1. Love your videos and thanks for sharing on youtube! Just one comment – sometimes your cues come after you have moved into a pose so I wish your cues were just a bit earlier. Thanks!

  2. Esther, this was a little bit of a challenge at certain points, as it kept moving. I felt really good afterwards. Thank you for a great introduction to vinyasa yoga!

  3. I have been debating on whether to take vinyasa flow yoga but now I’m convinced that I must try it after watching your video. Thanks you Esther!

  4. Awesome! You’ve just talked me into my very first vinyasa flow ^-^!!! I am so happy to have been able to keep up-sketchily, though- but it still felt so good! Thank you Esther!

  5. Oh no! Don’t tell me the word vinyasa has been hijacked to mean something other than a move from caturaṅga to caturaṅga dandasana with only the hands on the floor?

  6. Beautiful Esther. We have similar way of teaching 🙂 Today I’m teaching Vinyasa 🙂 Thx for the refresher video 🙂

  7. is he same bks what we see nowdays.
    or this bks has gained nirvana.

  8. For a 37 yr old man with limited flexibility how is my fascia going to react to extensive yoga training? Does anyone know the anatomical dynamics at play regarding how the fascia elongates and repairs itself?

  9. @LardInATubeSock lol this is like saying i like the british fish and chips and hate their “Please and thankyou”

  10. @MrCoonrad naw man, that’s Iyengar. Krish looks way different and older.

  11. Its been around a lot longer than 1938, like the Chinese who tap into Quigong it has been practised by peasent farmers ect for hundreds of years.

  12. @railzo I don’t know where you got your faulty information, but Iyengar and Krishnamacharya both espoused the philosophical/metaphysical side of Hatha yoga and the other branches. The physical is the emphasis in Hatha yoga, not to be taken out of context of the greater context. Personally, I think all the spiritual mumbo-jumbo is garbage and I only like the physical.

  13. @sarantakis

    thats an awful comment from you sarantakis. calling it circus is not wrong. calling it not traditional yoga is truly awful. i am sure you can comment better.

  14. I’m taking a Yoga class, my teacher is certified in Iyengar Yoga, she learned it from Mr. Iyengar himself. I love the class and I’m thinking of making Yoga something that I want to do the rest of my life.

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