Hinduism- 1

The first episode of a 5 part documentary on the history of Hinduism. PS: Do not take all facts/opinions mentioned in the documentary at absolute truth value since the presentation is from a western perspective.

20 thoughts on “Hinduism- 1

  1. Mr. rishi851 you r proud to be a hindu. waw its nice, but please asked once to your dalit brothers, are they also feeling proud to be a hindu? don’t forget my dear hinduism is only one unfourtunate for millions of dalit people in india and nepal.

  2. Hinduism is the only one fuking religious which has made for brahamans and chhetriyas only. this f***ker they dont have respect to their own dalit brother and sister then how will they respect the other religions. it is the only one religion which force its flowers to live as animal without dignity and respect. it is the only one f***ing religion which makes a big wall between its flowers in the base of barna and cast. its my bad luck that i born in this f***ing culture and religion.

  3. @rishi851 said: India belongs to Hindus only.
    F***ING ‘A*SE’ HOLE – India belongs to NOBODY, Indians didn’t buy it
    Religion is not National Property to belong to of own it.
    India belongs to Donkeys as well as Humans
    QUESTION IS – which one are you

  4. I am sorry but India belongs to Hindus and ONLY Hindus….It does not belong to Muslims or Christians…no offenses and I have nothing against those groups, but think about it- Islam and Christianity have, like a virus, taken over the whole world- from continents to the tiniest of Islands except one piece of land- INDIA.
    I am not patriotic- I am an extremely unpatriotic being, but I am a proud Hindu and India belongs to Hindus only.

  5. @frogisdeaf Haha, you’re funny. I’m a Hindu and I don’t hate anyone. My parents are Hindus and they don’t hate anyone. Oh, and my cousins are Hindus and they don’t hate anyone. Do you hate anyone, my friend?

  6. in my opinion we all should look or own lifes and live the people worship whtever they please acording to their religion, lets have alittle respect for thouse who have their own way to worship.

  7. in my opinion we all should look or own lifes and live the people worship whtever they please acording to their religion.

  8. @dandan688 people how popular are korean dramas and japanese anime in united states and india?i am a fan of that stuff and about the main issue of this video,i think hinduism is special,because other beliefs with many gods,like the pantheon of ancient greece,rome,the incas,etc are now without believers but in this years hinduism is the only big religion with many gods who have some human traits,like families,and i now that about all hindu gods are one brahman but in practice they are like many

  9. “Do not give dogs what is sacred, do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them and tear you to pieces.Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives he who seeks finds and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. Which of you if his son asks for bread will give him a stone?Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake?If you then though are evil, how to give good gifts to your children.”

  10. GOD says in the Holy Bible , only´╗┐ 2 choices for all sinful mankind&nation on earth.

    1.´╗┐ Repent&believe in JESUS only before too late , before you die , before the´╗┐ end

    2. Burn and be´╗┐ punished according to your sins in hell forever ,´╗┐ for all eternity

    Choose only´╗┐ the´╗┐ right choice for yourself , time is fast running out !!!

    (Aliens&UFO&Evolution´╗┐ = Great deception from Satan&demons in the last day)

  11. Most people mis-understand the concept of representing god through idols in hinduism.

    Idols are believed to be a point of focus for young hindus. As they become mature and pass through all phases of life by reaching the last ashrama (stage) namely ‘sanyasa’, they would have already comprehended the true meaning of god. Further, the concept of god would have cemented itself in the depths of his mind, so as to enable him to discard the idols.

  12. I find it funny how you people comment ‘paki’s when they clearly are not pakistani’s.

  13. I pitty hinduism , we were not able to save our takshila library that burned for 6 months , we were servants to other affluent communities , we are divided as Tamil brahimns ( do u know the Malaysia case ?) , north indian brahmins etc……we don’t do religionism/regionism in job , we hate each other , ever hindu hate each other hindu who is little more prosperous or tries to work hard to do so ( yes , it’s true ) . We have been so defence-less and poor , and half of us have alredy converted.

  14. @fcgfgcfg

    Well the earliest scriptures aren’t really about all that, the Vedas are mainly about fire sacrifice and ritual chanting of mantras, the whole realizing of the self with the cosmos comes a bit later with the Vedanta schools of philosophy, especially Advaita vedanta during the mauryan period. Granted the upanishads already hold the seed for such thoughts, but they weren’t really the core of Hinduist philosophy until later.

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