Whats the trick to making “herbal” brownies?

Question by redheaded: Whats the trick to making “herbal” brownies?
chop greens?…mix in batter or egg or oil or water?
experienced answers please.

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Answer by susan e
brownie mix according to directions,as much chopped herb as desired.

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  1. use duncan hines ‘moist brownie mix’ the one with the extra thing of chocolate in it… thats the very best way…

  2. not quite sure what you are meaning when you say ‘herbal’ brownies, but here is my suggestion if you are meaning ‘herb’ . You are not supposed to make the brownies with the actual ‘herb’ in the mix. Friends of mine made ‘herb’ chocolate chip cookies, they actually made butter from the leaves of the ‘herb’ and then used that butter to make their cookies. how to make butter? look on the www i am sure it will tell you Good luck….I will ask my friends and email or IM the info .

  3. Tie the herbs into a pouch made from cheesecloth, then bring to a simmer in a little water & cook over low for 5 – 10 minutes. Take a tablespoon & press pouch against side of pan to drain all the moisture from the pouch. Discard the packet & use the mixture in place of the water the mix calls for. Cook as directed, then enjoy…….

  4. Whoa! I’m sorry, but it’s been tooooooooooooo long for me to remember. But, if I REALLY tried to recall (as you know, herbs make the brain cells go dead)….I would say, cinnamon! No greens, only egg and oil if the original brownie recipe calls for it…and…

  5. OK – I’m “bitin the bullet here”……guessing that your “herb” is marijuana??!&)#$ &#( OK…..don’t go too heavy….I don’t know the exact measurement…..but long long ago in a galaxy far far away I was stoned for 3 days……NOT a nice experience!

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