Key Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercise

Key Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercise (free article with full details). Key Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercise with a huge list of benefits, including, opening energy pathways in the body, detoxifying the system, weight loss, vitality and more.

  1. djhaigMay 31, 2011

    Greate video and mooves Nisha. Thank you

  2. fernandesfranMay 31, 2011

    @CelinaXkyle I don’t see how my comment is not constructive. Personally, I feel a Yoga instructor wearing skimpy clothes is too distracting for my own good. And as you can see from the loads of insinuating comments on this video, I am not the only one. I guess it takes common sense to realize that?

    ‘big bad internet’… Looks like you are new to the internet. When someone puts a video on YouTube, they are asking for comments from anonymous viewers, whether you like it or not.

  3. aestheticgloryMay 31, 2011

    i want to learn how to that arm stand scootch legs under thing Neesha did!

  4. CelinaXkyleMay 31, 2011

    @fernandesfran Funny how critical one can be when they have the big bad internet to hide behind. If you don’t like what’s she’s wearing then don’t watch. Simple as that. Also where are you practicing yoga? the frigid open air of siberia? Try saying something constructive. Or say nothing at all.

  5. juinaoutMay 31, 2011

    thank you is a good starter

  6. learningangelMay 31, 2011

    Thank you, I do this every morning! 🙂

  7. healthnut4life48May 31, 2011

    Check out these mats….AWESOME!!!


  8. IntenzityMay 31, 2011


  9. shutupandgetinthecarMay 31, 2011

    are you f***ing kidding me? four seasons. bed, all fours, ear piece? yoga today has become quite the capatalists…

  10. shutupandgetinthecarMay 31, 2011

    are you f***ing kidding em? four seasons. bed, all fours, ear piece? yoga today has become quite the capatalists…

  11. TubeYouISeeMay 31, 2011

    seeing Neesha on all fours on a bed…yea, I wasn’t thinking about yoga during that part.

  12. feedphillipnowMay 31, 2011

    Nice set 🙂

  13. debraskentMay 31, 2011

    are you supposed to do this in bed? (I actually think I could because I have a tempurpedic, not a lot of give)

  14. fernandesfranMay 31, 2011

    doesn’t seem you’re appropriately dressed for yoga, but something else…oh well…whatever works to get viewers, right?

  15. bubblesxxxoMay 31, 2011

    sweat patch

  16. Goblin9990May 31, 2011

    who doesnt like that!?
    shes real.

  17. mizpain624May 31, 2011

    Danke gut, this is great I’m awake now 🙂

  18. fyrflyyMay 31, 2011

    very nice, thank you!
    Didn’t care for the music pairing tho….

  19. Zayfresh13May 31, 2011

    Thank you sooooooooo much i feel almost rejuvanated

  20. prndan123May 31, 2011

    @littleyogi haha i thought the same thing

  21. munchie323May 31, 2011

    This is a great way to renew energy at any time of day. Many thanks for posting it.

  22. andrewltoddMay 31, 2011

    thanks for the yog neesh

  23. dumbtardfaceMay 31, 2011

    rad socks neesha

  24. earthshakingfartMay 31, 2011

    win wenders

  25. xnightwatchxMay 31, 2011

    11:26 😉

  26. poonanipancakesMay 31, 2011

    does this exercise benefit people with type 2 diabetes?

  27. roxanneworld11May 31, 2011

    Ok, now I got it..thanks for explaining the difference between Breath of Fire & Kapalbhati – very subtle!…Now I’m wondering: is there a specific breathing exercise like those 2 where the emphasis is put on the *inhalation* only, allowing the the exhalation to be passive?

  28. gtilapiasMay 31, 2011

    Does anybody nows how long and how often to practice it?

  29. gtilapiasMay 31, 2011

    Thank very much for sharing. From now on i will practice this.

  30. toveromoMay 31, 2011

    what is the difference between hyperventilating and th breath of fire?

  31. TvMeditationMay 31, 2011

    Very nice and helpful exercise i practice it myself.
    If anyone want to hear about my meditation and kundalini experience visit my channel.

  32. clownfragmentJun 01, 2011

    Thanks for the video, it put the practice in perspective and helped me to correct a couple things I didn’t understand.

  33. SohailBahadurJun 01, 2011

    The way You Sir, have taught the most important breathing exercise is very very good. Its equally useful for all the practitioners (beginner, Med, Advance)
    Thanks Sir,

  34. N0gasJun 01, 2011

    i dont understand why 10 ppl would actually give this video a thumbs down.
    its hard enough trying to find FREE thorough videos on the internet.

    thank u! 🙂

  35. Bellamyj04Jun 01, 2011

    thank you, Namaste

  36. zerrahJun 01, 2011

    Old soul in a young body! You’re quite handsome. 😉

  37. zerrahJun 01, 2011

    Namaste! 😀

  38. GONZOFAM7Jun 01, 2011


  39. yousef6dJun 01, 2011

    @uralskaya but if you dont breath you die

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