Key Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercise (free article with full details). Key Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercise with a huge list of benefits, including, opening energy pathways in the body, detoxifying the system, weight loss, vitality and more.

39 thoughts on “Key Kundalini Yoga Breathing Exercise

  1. @CelinaXkyle I don’t see how my comment is not constructive. Personally, I feel a Yoga instructor wearing skimpy clothes is too distracting for my own good. And as you can see from the loads of insinuating comments on this video, I am not the only one. I guess it takes common sense to realize that?

    ‘big bad internet’… Looks like you are new to the internet. When someone puts a video on YouTube, they are asking for comments from anonymous viewers, whether you like it or not.

  2. i want to learn how to that arm stand scootch legs under thing Neesha did!

  3. @fernandesfran Funny how critical one can be when they have the big bad internet to hide behind. If you don’t like what’s she’s wearing then don’t watch. Simple as that. Also where are you practicing yoga? the frigid open air of siberia? Try saying something constructive. Or say nothing at all.

  4. are you f***ing kidding me? four seasons. bed, all fours, ear piece? yoga today has become quite the capatalists…

  5. are you f***ing kidding em? four seasons. bed, all fours, ear piece? yoga today has become quite the capatalists…

  6. seeing Neesha on all fours on a bed…yea, I wasn’t thinking about yoga during that part.

  7. are you supposed to do this in bed? (I actually think I could because I have a tempurpedic, not a lot of give)

  8. doesn’t seem you’re appropriately dressed for yoga, but something else…oh well…whatever works to get viewers, right?

  9. Thank you sooooooooo much i feel almost rejuvanated

  10. This is a great way to renew energy at any time of day. Many thanks for posting it.

  11. Ok, now I got it..thanks for explaining the difference between Breath of Fire & Kapalbhati – very subtle!…Now I’m wondering: is there a specific breathing exercise like those 2 where the emphasis is put on the *inhalation* only, allowing the the exhalation to be passive?

  12. Very nice and helpful exercise i practice it myself.
    If anyone want to hear about my meditation and kundalini experience visit my channel.

  13. Thanks for the video, it put the practice in perspective and helped me to correct a couple things I didn’t understand.

  14. The way You Sir, have taught the most important breathing exercise is very very good. Its equally useful for all the practitioners (beginner, Med, Advance)
    Thanks Sir,

  15. i dont understand why 10 ppl would actually give this video a thumbs down.
    its hard enough trying to find FREE thorough videos on the internet.

    thank u! 🙂

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