Q&A: What types of “alternative medicine” have you tried and found very effective?

Question by Smiley: What types of “alternative medicine” have you tried and found very effective?
I usually have no luck with herbal remedies, aroma therapy oils, chinese medicines etc. perhaps because they are so complicated to use and I mess things up or am not using them properly. Have any of these things really worked with anyone and what was particularly effective?

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Answer by mychellelynne
I have used Epsom Salts to help with body pain. I get the lavendar smelling stuff. It relaxs me too. I usually sit in the bath for an hour with it. It is better than using meds.

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  1. It all depends on what kinds of conditions you’re trying to treat, the quality of care you’re receiving and whether or not you follow through on the treatment.

    I’ve used acupuncture to treat various problems that I’ve had with a lot of success. My father uses acupuncture to help manage his high blood pressure and it works well.

    I’ve used the herb chaste tree berry to help regular my periods and get rid of my PMS. That’s working.

    I’m a massage therapist and have used a combination of therapeutic massage and craniosacral therapy to treat clients with everything from chronic headaches to fibromyalgia to everyday aches and pains. Most people who follow up, meaning use the self massage techniques and stretching exercises I show them at home and come in for regularly weekly massages from me, see results. Some don’t. The ones that don’t are few and far between.

    If you’re trying to use these treatments on your own and are having no luck, you should seek the advice of an alternative medicine provider, like a acupuncturist or a naturopathic doctor.

  2. I live my life by natural means and it works well. I am an aromatherapist by trade and i couple it with massage and reflexology and my clients keep coming back for more. Oils can be difficult to use if you don’t know what to blend with what, etc. It’s probably best to consult a therapist first to give you initial advice. The other thing about Essential oils is that it is imperative that you use good quality pure essential oils, otherwise they are just a nice smelling oil with no therapeutic benefits.

  3. It depends on what you are trying to treat. But the biggest thing that you need to know is that herbal remedies are not a quick fix to problems. They take time to build up in your body and take affect. Some time it can take two weeks or more.

    I treat my son for ADHD naturally, through diet and herbal supplements. It did take a while to build up but now its under control and you can’t tell he’ s ADHD unless he doesn’t take his supplements or he eats something he shouldn’t.

    My younger son is borderline adhd and autistic. I’m trying to detox him for heavy metals right now and it is going to take 3 months or longer depending on how toxic he is.

    Now there are some herbal remedies that can take affect right away. Peppermint for instance can relieve digestive problems right away. But these are normally in a liquid tincture which seam to work faster than taking herbal pills. Anything liquid works faster because your body can absorb it quicker.

    If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

  4. Things like aroma oil therapy I have never tried, and I categorise as the soft/weak/popular areas of Alternative medicine, bordering Quackery, if not outright Quackery, others include Homeopathy, Magnet Therapy, Crystal-gem therapy, Astrological birth control ect.

    The Thin Line Between Quackery and Effective Therapies in AM

    Alternative medicine is a mixture of quackery and therapies that work, but offer little profit to the medical establishment, so are rejected on basis of profit. Many pharmaceutical companies and the medical schools now talk of ‘managing illness’ and the word ‘cure’ is now taboo in conventional medicine.

    The Analogy to a Greedy Pig

    Think of this as analogous to a Fat greedy pig, which represents the medical-pharmaceutical establishment, the pig likes the therapies that are highly profitable, and by implication do not cure the disease, but manage it, this means the patients would need to take medication for a life-time, until death, which just suppresses the symptoms and does not address the cause, for example: Antidepressants, Insulin, Chemotherapy {patients cancer returns again and again, which baffles doctors} ect. The therapies that are cheap/free are thrown in the bin, and ignored, ridiculed and black-bulled by the {Skeptics/QuackWatch/Mainstream Media/mainstream medical journals/innocent-ignorant Doctors/Magazine – Patients/Opinionated-uninformed laypersons} Bull Dog friend of the Pig.

    The hardest thing to do is to get a hold of that bin, and sort through it, leaving the Quackery in the bin, and extracting the knowledge of the therapies, methods and protocols that WORK, and using them on your patients, or your-self. This involves becoming an independant researcher, using your own scientific instruments to verify {i.e. A Darkfield micrscope to confirm Pleomorphism {rejected by medicine}}, or asking alot of questions to men of [true] knowledge, to the point of annoyance, and bitterness. 🙂

    Things that work:

    – Electro Medicine – Rife Frequency Technology – Devitalises/kills pathogenic microorganisms, that are the result of disease, look into a book called ‘Stealth Pathogens’ and the theory of Pleomorphism for more information. http://www.rife.de, http://www.rifeforum.com, rife yahoo group

    Stealth Pathogens Book preview:

    Proof of Pathogens being devitalised/exploding with Rife Technology:

    Scientists Rediscover Rife Technology, it is inevitable:

    Watch the Dr. Holt News Report Here, which caused mass outcry in Austrailia:

    – Gerson Therapy – Also works on the principles of Pleomorphism, yet this was not known by Dr. Max Gerson. It involves alkalising the body and restoring optimal body pH, by juicing fresh organic fruits and vegetables, as well as organic coffee enema’s which are scientifically proven to detox the liver and kidneys, you will urinate alot after a coffee enema, due to the kidneys detox. Has cured many hopeless cases of terminal Cancer, autoimmune diseases like multiple scelerosis, diabetes mellitus, heart disease/angina pectoris, rheumatoid arthritis, and others.
    Watch ‘Dying To Have Known’ Documentary by Independant film maker Steven Koshel. Read ‘A Cancer Therapy -Results of 50 cases’ by Dr. Max Gerson

    – Bio-Oxidative/Oxygen Therapy – Involves either IV injections of Hydeogen Peroxide H2O2 or Ozone O3, this therapy is used for fighting cancer {cancer cells hate oxygen, and cannot thrive in an oxygen enriched body, as they are anerobic, and undergo fermentation of sugar}, autoimmune diseases, yeast infections/Candida Overgrowth, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Pain, HIV/AIDs {Bob Beck Protocol also works great for HIV/AIDs patients, as does the herb Sutherlandia – increases white blood cell count} ect.
    This restores the internal milleu or terrain, and also directly affects pathogenic microbes, by killing them. Used in England, in the past to treat pneumonia, with great success, as detailed in the peer-reviewed British Lancet Journal.

    – Herbal – Western Botanical, Ayruvedic – I prefer these, since Chinese Herbal medicine can be bitter, especially the herbal teas, having said that the amazing Ginkgo Biloba is from Chinese Herbal Medicine, which has been scientifically proven to increase blood flow to the brain, and improve memory and concentration

    – Natural Antibiotics – Iodine/Lugol’s Solution, Colloidal Silver, Oil of Oregano, Garlic, Olive Leaf Extract, Pau’ de Arco, Black Walnut, Virgin Cocconut Oil {anti-fungal/microbial} ect.

    – Orthomolecular Medicine/Psychiatry – Founded by Dr. Linus Pauling, twice Noble prize winner, held 48PhD’s, yes forty-eight. He claimed mega doses of Vitamin C, 1000mg-3000mg per day can prevent the common cold, flu and even cure/prevent Cancer. We now know vitamin C affects white blood cells in many ways, one being stimulating the production of hydrogen peroxide.
    mega doses of Niacin was found to cure Schizophrenia by later pioneers of ortomolecular medicine, like Dr. Carl Pfieffer MD PhD, and Dr. A. Hoffer MD. Further cures for Bipolar disorder, OCD, Depression, and learning disabilities, like Dyslexia, Dsypraxia, ADD/ADHD and Autism have been found by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, author of ‘Gut and Psychology Syndrome’
    The world renowned Brain Bio Center is thriving in London and Princeton, US. Read ‘ Nutrition & Mental illness’ by Dr. Carl Pfieffer MD PhD for more information.
    Mega does of Vitamins and amino acids can cure Heart Disease, as illustrated in the article in the ‘Source’ section.

    – DMSO – Natures most powerful anti-inflammatory

    – Acupuncture – Shown on the BBC Alternative Medicine Documentary to work, and supported by vigorous RCT clinical trials.

    – Hyperimmune Milk – Augments the immune system to fight cancer-causing viruses {‘accidently’ contaminated in vaccines, which murdered countless women in Africa, under the UN Vaccination program, they only vaccinated fertile young women, who later developed HIV/AIDs due to contaminated vaccines, which the UN professes wasa an ‘accident’, this may be the case if the vaccine were made by one pharmaceutical company, but 100 pharmaceutical companies supplied the vaccines to the UN, all contaminated by HIV viruses, yes an accident…and pigs fly, this massacre of innocent villagers was due to depopulation programs envisioned bby NWO Elite scum, who are obsessed with Eugenics, Neo-Darwinism, and Satanism, check this out http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1070329053600562261&q=end+game&ei=vVGHSO_2Oo-6igLn39zzDQ}, bacteria, fungi ect.

    Watch Jerry Brunetti Food As Medicine 1/2, 2/2

    The Middle Realm

    I am in a middle realm between conventional medicine and alternative medicine, this is not about science anymore, but medical politics. Thus, we must become our own scientists, and understand the mindset of the politicians, and ruling elite, their ideologies, greed/power and reasoning. As I am ‘sitting on the fence’ I can see the propaganda, lies and greed from both sides, and paradoxically the truth from both sides, from here it is all so clear, but for those trapped on either side of the fence, they are at bitter war, in constant argument, the allopaths vs the naturopaths, the never ending battle.

    Allopathy/Conventional medicine is brilliant is scientific diagnostic testing, e.g. blood, urine, faeces ect. and Emergency Medicine, as well as pathology {although conventional medicine needs to accept pleomorphism, and Candida Overgrowth as valid theories/conditions}.

    Naturopathy is brilliant in the area of treatment, and preventative medicine. They need each other, unfortunetly they are at bitter divorce at the current time, thanks to the Rockefeller’s, AMA and wealthy elite men who stagnate medical progression/advancement due to greed, power and fueled by a bent ideology of Eugenics, survival of the fittest {neo-Darwinism} and satanism.

    Hope this helps

  5. Acupuncture in combination with herbs.
    My friend is a doctor of Chinese medicine, and tailors my herbal preparations to my current needs.

  6. I do not know what is meant by alternate medicines. I have tried medicines in Ayurveda which are there from very ancient times before any other modern medicine system ever existed, and found them fully curative alongwith naturopathy. I have tried system presently known as homeopathy which again were known to ancients. I have used acupressure and acupuncture which were again found curative. I do not know what herbal medicines are. Ayurvedic medicines deal with almost all known herbs.

  7. I have used Valerian Root both as a sleep aid and calming nerve tonic.
    Melatonin as a sleep aid.
    Charcoal for upset stomach/gas.
    I don’t know if Chiropractors are still considered Alt Med or not, but both my wife and I use one on a regular basis for low back pain.
    When I was hospitalized a few years ago for stomach surgery, I was receiving conventional painkillers that didn’t seem to be making me FEEL better, less pain yes, but no better. My wife had an acupuncturist treat me for pain.
    In fairness I cannot say if there was a physical change or not after the acupuncture, I CAN say that after the treatment I felt MUCH better. And that’s what counts right?

  8. How about Reiki? It’s also known as ‘touch’ therapy or ‘hands on’ therapy.

  9. I did a Fungal Candida cleanse that I found to be of great value to the digestive issues I was having, but also to my overall health and vitality.

  10. I had a virus called “Mollescum Contagiosum” and i used this medicine called “Zymadurm” (idk how to spell it, that’s phenetic). But this alternative medicine worked better than the prescribed stuff my dermatologist gave me! 😀

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