Vincent van Gogh

My video tribute to the great Vincent van Gogh, with Edvard Grieg’s “Holberg Suite” as background music. NOTE 8/30/09: I’ve created a new channel called “SundroidHD”, focusing on HD videos. Here is the link:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

by Philip Scott Johnson Vincent Van Gogh Dutch Artist 1853-1890 “Self Portraits” Higher resolution version:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Happy birthday, Vincent Van Gogh.

    “La tristesse durera toujours.” (“The sadness will last forever.”)
    -Vincent van Gogh, 30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890

  2. Our imagination is what sets us apart from all other species. I wonder if Vincent ever imagined someone like myself would be watching a magical tribute to him? Absolutely beautiful…

  3. Too bad he did not live long i am sad he only lived to 30 years old sold only one painting cut off his ear and had a fight with his friend he died very early because he was very very sick i am so so so so sad he did not live long i know him because or my art teacher she teach me and my class about him and try to paint like him i am not a good painter or drawer all my friends say but i don’t care what they say! i always avoid them for saying mean stuff about me

  4. Perfect music for the most perfect artist. I’m saddened he didn’t know the effect his artwork would have on the world.

  5. sinds i can remember i love Vincent ,for his work and as a person, i believe there wil never be a man and artist like him again. he was uniek !

    august 2010 i went to Auverse Sur Oise ,and spent a day in Vincents town. saw all the places were he painted and lived (Auberge Ravoux). and the garden of Dr Paul Gachet. and the crowfield. and last his Grave.picked some flowers to.

    it was a wonderfull experience, thank you for posting

  6. ArtEmar4you… 2VincentVanGOGH4Ever… ! )


    ::: Love in someway is like a ” Bank Account ” …
    Nothing you’ ll put in it and nothing you’ ll find in it … ::: PG


    CONGRATULATIONS for this beautiful video dedicated
    to the GREAT & Exhilarating MASTER … – Alias: –

    ” Vincent VAN GOGH ” … ! )

  7. Eterno y maravilloso Vincent Van Gogh, su pintura deleita mis sentidos. Gracias por tanta belleza !!

  8. Bold expression…

    Van Gogh really captured the vibrancy of life!

  9. I made a van gogh video that opens with the same picture 🙂 But the music is different.


  11. “I smile at you. What is a smile?
    sent by the star light star
    Smell, which binds the buzzing grass meadow.
    Mild green color, the color of my eyes, he is involved
    in your fingers. You’re holding hands rozszeptane body meadows
    Grass tart narrow shape is about my
    eyes looking infinitely
    You smile at me ”
    (H. Poświatowska)

  12. Many thanks for uploading this great Morphing video. Very clever it is to.

    Take care, and thank you again,


  13. Thank you eggman – his eyes are hypnotic and a bit unnerving. The video seems to bring him to life.

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