Standing Yoga Postures

More at: Yoga Tip provided by delving into Yoga Standing Postures with Jesse Enright – specifically detailed analysis of Warrior I and II poses, Triangle Pose, and Forward Balancing Pose.

23 thoughts on “Standing Yoga Postures

  1. You don’t lock the knee on triangle pose AAAh No wonder that hurts so much, cause mine locks up and I swore it hurt to much while leaning forward. On the p90x DVD he says straight leg though..ugh. Thanks

  2. Very very good. The background sound music is the icing on the cake. For all practical purposes this is probably the very best instruction on yoga on the web. Once again, very very good. I have not seen this type of detail since I lived in a yoga ashram.

  3. awesome cueing! loved ur way u have us follow through! just great job Jess! this is marcos if u ever like to contact me please let me know…. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  4. Thanks for this video, though not good for a person brand new like me. But I wanted a body challenge, I’ma work at this.
    And your teaching is really good, detailed. 🙂

  5. Great Video!!! I love the fact, that he was teaching you don’t have to form perfect lines. That’s my problem I want straight lines, but he’s correct nature doesn’t create perfectly straight lines. However, I’m not sure what is suppose to release while in Triangle? I always have the tension in my thighs or hstrings. Someone please let me know. Thanks, Ive been doing Vinyasa for 3.5 months now and it’s not like he was instructing.

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  7. genial las imagenes
    y el angulo didactico? me perdi!
    saludos y espero te suscribas a mis videos
    de SwáSthya Yôga

  8. Fantastic video, very impressive understanding of the postures and the “teaching” was descriptive and detailed. I would like more from this young man!

  9. good video. btw i love the shades and blindwork on those windows, the natural light it lets in is wonderful

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