Why do some people say that if tarot card readings and astrology “work”, then it’s because of Satan, when

Question by Minkus: Why do some people say that if tarot card readings and astrology “work”, then it’s because of Satan, when
these things can “help” people?

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Answer by players2069
Because miracles are supposed to only come from God. Geez…
My God expects me to be able to do things myself and not go crying to Him for every little thing. So I don’t think that stuff comes from this satan guy you mention, but others might and the miracle thing is the reason for it.

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  1. I don’t believe that these thing can help people and I do believe they are of satan. The Bible says stay away from magic, sorcery, and I believe that those fall under that catagory.

  2. because they dont take the time to understand what its about
    tarot cards are just cards
    there is nothing Satanic about them at all , unless paper is evil ( is it ? lol )
    all the cards do is give us a little something to focus on and read , much like we did when we were younger with clouds …. and I wonder how many have done that and still say all this is evil
    infact , divination even goes back to churches , where they would use the bible ( or old scriptures ) … bibliomancy it is called
    where they would focus on a question , open the bible and interpret a passage to fit the question

  3. It is all about where you look for guidance and support.
    God has condemned spiritism for a very good reason. To protect us from being influenced and even tormented by demons.
    If you look to fortune tellers and spiritists for guidance, do not be surprised if all sorts of scary stuff starts happening.
    You have been warned.

    Believe me people, demons are real. Because I myself had involved myself in some of these things, I used to be harrased to the point of terror. But when I stopped doing them, the demons no longer had an avenue to harrass me. And I know very good and well that if I returned to that conduct, the demons are waiting right there, to do what they do ( and they do it well ) again.
    (I had gone back and forth over the line several times, so I know what I am talking about).

  4. Their is Good and evil powers out their, don’t serve the powers of the creation, serve the creator, besides astrology is a perverted state of the true meaning of the zodiac,….if you really want to know the meaning of the zodiac and how it pertains to the meaning of life,…..it tells a story through the milinia turning against it self telling a story of the creation,…..the birth of the redeemer through Virgo the virgin birth of Christ and LEO represents the Christ redeemer our Savior,..his return is soon approaching…….The heavens show the glory of God and his handywork. ( Click on google……””The bible in the stars””) if you want to know where this true power has derived from…….astrology has given man the insane idea he can save his self through his own enlightenment,….you must worship the creator and step away from unplifting your self……”blind will lead the blind into destruction” I hope you will look up this site i have given you……………Peace to you

  5. They r not helping people Satan wants you to think it is helping you but in reality it is doing a disfavor to you. Stay way from DEMONS. These people r talking to the DEMONS

  6. Because the Ignorant blame anything they’re scared of and don’t understand on their invented “Devil”.

  7. Because as Christians we are told not to go to people that believe in such things for help. We are to go to the bible and or pray for help when we are in trouble or in need. When we are scared feel helpless whatever Prayer is just a word away. God is the Answer to everything.

  8. There is a power in the universe and it can be used for good or evil. It originates with God. If it used for the glory of God then it is Godly. If you claim the power as your own or some other entity as in Satan Kali Bali Boo. Then it is deed of Satan and should be abandoned before you get hurt real bad.
    Moses preached strongly about this practice in Exodus and Leviticus. Jesus and the Apostles cast those demons out.
    Why not get filled with the Holy Spirit and use God’s power for good?
    If help is needed give it but to the glory of Jesus Christ not some magic cards.

  9. God told the people to stay away from spiritualists because it is dangerous. Satan can make bad things look good and vice versa. He’s smart and he knows what works to get humans to do the wrong things. Like you said, some of it “helps” people. That could be, but its purpose is to mislead you. Satan intends to draw people in a little at a time so they don’t see what’s coming. It starts out looking harmless or even helpful, but that’s not where it will end. It’s far better to pray to God to help you stay away from such practices. You don’t want to mess with Satan or any of his demons.

  10. Because that’s what small minds do . . . . . . demonize the things they fear, the things they don’t understand, the things that they themselves don’t believe in. It’s why they’re called “little brains”. Narrowness of mind, small constricted thought lives and almost complete lack of awareness of anything outside of themselves and their own comfort zone, usually results in the largest of egos, the loudest protestations and the most devoted followers.

  11. The profits of old were called seers, these people used instruments to for see the future. If the bible says stay away from them, than Abraham and Moses were evil as well.
    People don’t want to believe because it is outside the box. It is not tied up with pretty ribbons.
    It is up to the individual!

  12. God does not want you to rely on these things to help you. GOD wants you to rely on HIM.

  13. Tarot cards are just a tool to help a reader to focus and be able to help others.

  14. the occult has never helped anyone except those who are in it as readers and psychics and it’s about stealing money from lonely or depressed people

    I went to a psychic years ago and she told me all these general things that would apply to anyone and then said she wanted 500 dollars to buy a crystal for me to keep in her home and it would heal my life!

    The occult is bad as well as those who practice it.

    It tricks and anything that tricks and lies on purpose, the norm, is from the devil.

  15. Do you think Satan is a fool? Of course he will give you help, and even heal you, but the price is eternity in hell.

  16. My experience is that ppl want to destroy, or condemn that which they don’t understand. For example, bats get into our building all the time, everyone wants to kill these tiny creatures. They also eat their weight in mosquito’s and bugs every night. Yet ppl complain about the bites. Doesn’t make sense to me. I catch them and put them back outside, which no one understands how I could do so.
    I think it is the same with these two divining tools. Ppl don’t understand, so they try to destroy or discredit them. They are simply tools. Just as a hammer is a tool. A hammer can be used to build something wonderful, or used as a murder instrument. Does that mean that the hammer came from Satan?
    I guess the next thing I should say is, “You decide.”
    Blessed Be

  17. tarot cards and astrology are no more (and no less) helpful to people than religion itself. these things are placebos to help people cope with the insanity of everyday life in society.

  18. Tarot cards are processed wood chips.
    Stars are giant balls of fire and gas billions of miles away from earth..
    Next Question??

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