Is religious eclecticism disrespectful + sinful or is it an acknowledgment that all “spiritual paths” lead to

Question by xenon: Is religious eclecticism disrespectful + sinful or is it an acknowledgment that all “spiritual paths” lead to

I love and respect each individual unadultered religion and I respect the followers

What I don’t understand is how a person can Go to temple on Saturday, mass on Sunday. Practice yoga infront of the Budda on Monday, Worship an Indian diety on Tuesday for luck or love. Get their crystals read on Wednesday. Consult with their interior designer on Thursday. Chant their mantra’s on Friday and start over again

I don’t see how bits and pieces can comprise a whole

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Answer by heidavey
It is because all religions are flawed – someone who takes all the good bits without the bad bits is showing that they don’t truly believe in, or are ashamed of the rest of the religion. I can see why!

However, according to the bible, god doesn’t see it that way, he wants you to be down with all the killing as well as the loving of neighbours – great moral god that he is!

EDIT: the answer below mine is ridiculous. How can ALL spiritual paths contain the truth. Even one (christianity) can’t explain itself without being self-contradictory.

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  1. All spiritual paths contain the truth. Some people are just more enlightened in seeing this than others.

  2. Well, may I go on record as saying I don’t agree with either of the above answers.

    The person who does all you mentioned above, is obviously confused. I know of no one that can be a serious, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Spiritualist, etc. The Holy Bible says, “you shall have no gods, before Me.” It also says, “no man can serve two masters, either you will love one or hate the other.” A person who wants to be everything is not genuine, he is just looking for some good “fire insurance.”

    Many Christians, consult their horoscope each day, not realizing that this is not a Christian founded activity. A lot of people just do it for fun, and really don’t put any reasonable judgment in it.

    The bits and pieces can not comprise the whole. It just makes one a confused person.

  3. It depends on which religions you are talking about mixing and mingling.

    I’m of Chinese descent and its very common for us to practice a mix of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and the very ancient Chinese animist religion.

    But then none of these religions take the attitude of the Abrahamic religions that you either believe exclusively in them or you’ll roast in hell forever.

    Clearly one cannot be what is usually considered a Christian (or Jew or Muslim) and also consult the Norse Gods or practice Buddhism (which is not god centered) or burn incense to Shiva.

    Why do people do such things? Probably because they are shallow, not very bright, and poorly educated as to theology.

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