I’m a Virgo…can somebody explain what a rising sun and all that kind of termonalogy is?

Question by Say_What?!: I’m a Virgo…can somebody explain what a rising sun and all that kind of termonalogy is?
I LOVE astrology and none of these sites make sense to me. I just want to understand what the “rising sun” and “sun sign” is. Also, is there a legit site that gives horoscopes? Theres so many fake ones…

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Answer by aspicco
Your Sun Sign is the sign your sun was in at birth. Most people know their sun sign. It’s the one that is listed in all he newspapers.

Your Rising Sign is based on the time of your birth. It indicates what sign was rising in the Eastern sky at the time of your birth, If you were born as sunrise, your rising sign is the same as your sun sign. If you were born an hour or two later, your rising sign would be the next sign… two more hours, then the next sign etc etc…

This is all simplified, to make it easy to understand.

Some people like cafeasrology.com

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  1. I’ve been interested in Astrology for a while now, and I don’t think I’ve ever run across the term: “rising sun”. Are you sure you’re not confusing it for the “rising sign” or “ascendant”?

    Sun Sign is a term meaning where the Sun was when you were born. This no longer means where the Sun was in physical relationship to the sky because since Astrology was plotted out by the Babylonians the sky and the stars have shifted since then. That is one of the largest reasons why most people when they look deeper into Astrology abandon it. Anyway, your Sun sign is what you find in the newspaper. Laymen generalize and simply use the Sun sign because it’s “easier”.

    In actuality, your Sun sign is really what you’re “destined” or supposed to become more like as your soul ages, grows, and matures throughout your life. Essentially your Sun sign is your unclaimed potential that you have to work towards and become more like. Every Sun sign has a “lesson” that must be learned before you can move on to the next one–and they don’t go in order. Your soul goes to the sign that has the next most important lesson that needs to be learned in that stage of your soul’s development.

    Your “rising sign” or ascendant, if you really want to follow Astrological thought is what sign you were in your past life. Your ascendant is also how other people generally perceive/think of you. According to Astrological thought, the younger you are the more you are similar to your ascendant (because you’re still hanging on to parts of your personality from your past life). The older you get, the less you should resemble your ascendant.If your ascendant is the same as your Sun sign, then that means you failed to learn the lesson of the sign in your previous life, and so you had to repeat the sign again before you could continue.

    I know Virgo’s lesson, because my mother (also a Virgo) once dabbled in astrology: learning to trust someone else (more specifically the person you love) completely without any reservations. That’s something most Virgos have a very hard time learning/doing.

    I really wouldn’t suggest any websites. I prefer books, and personally I prefer Linda Goodman (who’s much more detailed, humorous, and thorough about astrology).

    Personally, while I find Astrology fascinating, the scientific reason that the stars have shifted since the ancient Babylonians came up with Astrology (and astrology since then has remained for the most part unchanged), is enough for me not to put faith in it. It’s a fascinating hobby, and interesting to ponder from time to time, but not much else. Mostly I use Astrology for developing interesting and well-rounded characters for writing.

    ~Zach Simmers

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