Working with Karma!

Karma is a fascinating belief. I totally believe in Karma and the threefold law (what you put out comes back three-times). Every little thing you say, do, and even think has a karmic action and reaction. The power of thought and mind is indeed very powerful. Every thought, question, answer to yourself, even prayer, is mind power.

So anyway, back to Karma. I’m not at all a vengeful person, and even though sometimes I wish bad upon someone, I just let what little work my mind power can do, instead of the physical. I always try to stop and think… And remind myself, ‘they’ll get what they deserve sooner or later.’ Of course, it could be the same day, next day, next week, month, or even next year! Just imagine of an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, and all the hurt they might have caused you for no apparent reason… Just think of the amount of hurt they’ll get back in return! A delicious taste, is it not?! Hah. That might sound like a little evilness, and it does. But we all have to be sometimes.

All I can say is, don’t stress it, hate it, or even bother with it. Yell it out, cry it out, cuss it out, do what’cha gotta do, get that negativity out so the positivity can take over and launch that Karma bomb! Everyone gets what they deserve. You even put Karma on yourself sometimes! All those nasty little comments you make about other people, the road rage, or even those ugly stares… Oh it’s gonna come back to you alright! Either in the same form, or on a different greater level.

I’m by far a saint. I’m probably the king of saying nasty comments and flipping people off on the road, but sometimes I catch myself before I do it and stop. I tell myself, ‘I wouldn’t want people doing that to me, so I won’t do it to them.’ I also believe in “volunteering for Karma”. A term I made up that pretty much means making up for what you did wrong. If you said something bad, say something amazing (it needs to be better than just ‘good’). If you stole a dollar, give back five. If you dissed a friend, invite them over for dinner, etc etc.

So that boys and girls is today’s lesson on Karma!

Written by joeyaa88

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