Five Intriguing Facts Pertaining To Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

Born March 30th, 1853, Vincent Van Gogh created numerous 900 artwork and 1,100 drawings, the majority of which were created in the last ten years of his life. Deteriorating psychological health problems, Van Gogh shot him self, dying 2 days following on July 29, 1890. His paintings lives on, as does his legend. Five important things to note in relation to this extraordinary character are found below.

1. It was throughout a period where he was preaching to mine laborers for no salary which Van Gogh begun to produce charcoal drawings. In 1880, after the recommendations of his brother Theo, he took up painting in earnest. Certainly , there was a short period throughout this time where by Van Gogh took lessons from Anton Mauve at The Hague.

2. Van Gogh pursued study with the art school of Antwerp, Belgium. He was basically terminated following only several limited months. It was during this time having said that, that he discovered a certain understanding for Japanese art, and he actually begun a collection in earnest, appreciating the vibrant colors and use of space.

3. Van Gogh was only acknowledged to have sold only one painting for the duration of his life-time. Painted in 1888, “The Red Vineyard” would finally be on display in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow Russia.

4. Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo were the most effective of friends, whose connection is extensively recorded in a collection of letters that had been revealed around 1914.

5. To this day, the legend of Van Gogh lives on. March 30, 1987 at a well renowned New York public auction house, his painting “Irises”, ended up selling for a record setting .9 million. In 1990 he shattered the records for a second time when his “Portrait of Doctor Gachet”, ended up selling through Christie’s for a monstrous .5 million.

Little known or appreciated during his life span, Vincent Van Gogh’s influence on 20th century art would be significant. Because he had no children of his very own, Van Gogh considered his works his kids. Undoubtedly, he would be proud of how they have carried on his name.

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