How to Blend & Use Aromatherapy Oils : Stress Relieving Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Learn how to combine aromatherapy oils to make a stress relieving massage oil in this free personal health video. Expert: Nili Nathan Contact: Bio: Nili Nathan, host of “Great Healing Getaways”, is the creator of a television series and Web site on holistic health, where she researches, writes, and reports. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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15 thoughts on “How to Blend & Use Aromatherapy Oils : Stress Relieving Aromatherapy Massage Oil

  1. Further studies [Essential Oils] If you want to vastly improve/enhance any essential oils, I suggest that buying a Meru (copper) Pyramid – place your oils on the life-symbol (Shri Yantra).

    Meru Pyramid is the perfet high energy tool for the home/office. It combines two ancient energy devices. Used for 1,000s of years to raise vibrations and consciousness to the highest levels.


  2. @247XPRESS

    For example, if applying soothing oils to your abdomen before dying of appendicitis works for you, go ahead!

  3. Jaquitita> Cinnamon leaf oil is usually discouraged due to it’s potential as a skin irritant. If you do use it for cleaning or soaps, be sure it is a small amount.

  4. hey since you ppl know everything about essential oils, could someone please tell me what to do with Cinnamon Leaf Oil? I know u can use it in lotions, but what about cleaning, or soaps?

  5. I have been seeing so many different types of lavender oil. Please clarify whether sweet lavender and white lavender are the same and the same as that used in this recipe.


  6. Question? When you said it would last 3 months would a benzion resin oil hold this up longer? I’ve been using it but not long enough to know for sure and have found mixed information. Thanks much for sharing you video.

  7. listen I agree with respect to the power of the mind and all that – heck watch the secret and anyone can understand that – however its quite simple in this case – good smells, are reduce stress – reduced stress = healthier person that’s a fact – so it’s not (necessarily) a mental thing as it is a result of feeling more relaxed…all it really does is pretty much relax you more (maybe there are other properties and such but that’s the main thing) — relaxed individual = healthier individual

  8. Dude. That comment was so funny & was just what I was thinking by the end, but it’s funny someone had the balls to say it & then close their account.

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