Yoga for Lower Back Pain : Check-up Before Trying Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for Lower Back Pain : Check-up Before Trying Yoga for Back Pain

Learn why to get a checkup first when using yoga poses for lower back pain relief in this free exercise video from a hatha yoga instructor. Expert: Elizabeth Rose Bio: Elizabeth Rose is a registered Hatha yoga teacher with a background in modern dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and circus arts. Filmmaker: randy primm
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  2. teeto80Jun 30, 2011

    The “Yoga for Lower Back Pain” videos are certainly intuitive and useful and for that alone I thank the people of expert village for their efforts but I was wondering if it’s not to much of a hassle could you number the videos so as to know in what sequence or order the yoga moves should be executed . Thanks again.

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  6. yogafan6500Jul 01, 2011

    Great video. She sure is hot and pretty as well. Namaste.

  7. ollobrains1Jul 01, 2011

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  8. KookiMonstersJul 01, 2011

    Beautiful asanas 🙂

  9. papaburgerJul 01, 2011

    she is hot .

  10. 9365810788Jul 01, 2011

    May i know the details about the music?

  11. motakcJul 01, 2011

    Que saĂşde em professora!
    Obrigado pelo vĂ­deo.

  12. dhaivatrajJul 01, 2011

    Beautiful! Sitarist Dhaivat Raj in my space

  13. bahoruco123456Jul 01, 2011

    Estoy de acuerdo que musica y que buena profesora

  14. yogazennaJul 01, 2011

    very nice. Also, the music is beautiful, who is the music by?

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