What do you prefer: “Natural medicine” or the Vet?

Question by nyc_sweetheart2001: What do you prefer: “Natural medicine” or the Vet?
I was just skimming through the questions and noticed that a lot of people are in support of “natural” or “holistic” cures for animals. As a future Veterinarian I take offense to those comments about Vets not being necessary, because without them many animal diseases and health issues could not be controlled or prevented. What is your opinion?
I would like to say that I am against the, for lack of a better word, stupid vets out there that won’t treat an animal just because the owner doesn’t have the money. I think that is ridiculous. I am by no means in the veterinary line of work to gain money, only to help the animals that I love so passionately. Alos, I do support natural medicine to the extent of minor care, heck I do it all the time at home, but always seek advice when I am not sure.

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Answer by lauren.haynes
Natural medicine”

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5 thoughts on “What do you prefer: “Natural medicine” or the Vet?

  1. I prefer the Vet because Natural Medicine cant always do the trick. And Vets have alot of things to make animals get better and they usually no exactly what is wrong with the animal. I agree with you Vets are important. I hope to become a Vet soon to, I love animals.

  2. I take mine to the vet when I don’t know the answer, but most times I do know what is wrong. I don’t think vets can be replaced.

  3. As a fellow future vet, I do not agree with you. “Natural medicine” is more of a preventative thing, veterinarians are typically more of a solution when preventative measures fail or are not enough. Vets are absolutely necessary in some circumstances, but not all 😉 Don’t take offense in this, I am also studying to become a vet.

    For complete health of the animal, a mix of both is vital.

  4. i don’t think that vets are unnecessary, but i am in favor of a natural approach if it is warranted, and within my scope of knowledge and experience of having pets for almost 30 years. i buy the annual vaccines and administer them myself, mostly because it is a matter of economics for me, with 4 cats and 3 dogs. however, i also consulted my vet about it. i feel for many diseases, questions, or emergencies there is no substitution for a good vet.

  5. In this world, my feeling is there is a place for both…certainly I would take my dogs to the Vet for their advice and help, but if holistic/natural could help, I definitely would use that also…its not a matter of which is best, its a matter of hopefully it will help my animal


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