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Be My Friend – When treating a patient we strive to provide more than just rapid relief of your immediate symptoms. We focus on your overall health examining nutritional, metabolic, immune, hormonal, structural, and any toxicological factors in which you may be involved. Through a personal and comprehensive examination, we try to get to the source of your condition enabling you to restore your health. We also look at emotional and psychological factors as these create the background which shapes every aspect of your health and well-being. Most conditions whether it involves heart disease, fatigue, arthritis, cancer, headaches, chronic infections, allergies, elevated cholesterol, depression, anxiety, PMS, menopause, autism, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. are manageable if the underlying causes are more fully understood. That doesn’t mean we only use the latest fad or herb to cover up your symptoms. Rather, we apply scientific principles in a practical and logical way to solve your medical needs. That means asking the right questions, careful listening, complete examinations of your physical and biochemical state and understanding how you function within your own environment. If necessary, select labs that identify your nutritional needs, allergies, hormonal status, metabolic efficiency, etc. can be performed. When it is all put together, a practical and personalized plan will be agreed upon that is designed to not only get rid of symptoms you don’t have to

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  1. Very informative video.
    Metriks’ FCE software allows the healthcare professional to objectively quantify and report on a person’s functional abilities.

  2. There are multiple sites and videos on Youtube explaining how each portion of the Beck Protocol functions to help those suffering from viral diseases and has personally helped me with my CFS. Visit the Unleash Health site and channel for more information on the Protocol and therapy!

    Thank you!

  3. @psychetruth yes, but this eastern and holistic medical bullshit isnt any better. most of the time the “cures” are just placebos and overpriced animal shit sold because white idiots are attracted to different cultures, so it just has to be labeled “easter” and people will buy it. sure, certain methods of eastern medicine can help, the people of india first invented vaccines but the kind of crap you promote is just bullshit. you care just as much about profit as the pharmaceutical companies.

  4. Time to change our path through awareness and education! Will you be a guest on my internet radio show? My husband has been in remission (Sarcoidosis) for 19 months now through functional medicine and natural remedies! Look forward to hearing from you.

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  6. Fuctional Medicines main goal is to make sure your ATM is functional for all the tests and the vitamins you are going to have to buy to get yourself functional, as a whole person, as in a whole lot of money.

  7. Alternative H-S-K products are very popular nowadays in beauty field and medical treatment clinics.

    Main Products: Iriscope, Colon Therapy, Beauty Digital Hair and Skin Equipment Intra Oral Camera, Far Infrared Therapy, Foot Reflexology , Music Therapy and so on.

  8. Hydrangea root and marshmellow root have been proven to relieve pain assoc. with urinary tract / kidney stones in minutes and will dissolve most stones within a few days,,, for about $25,,, research it then u decide

  9. Check out “The UltraMind Solution” by
    Mark Hyman MD or how to “fix a broken brain”
    by treating depression & anxiety AS SYSTEMIC CONDITIONS, not strictly as mental illnesses.
    He talks a lot about using magnesium in treating anxiety/ depression. He might use IV magnesium injection b/c that is the best delivery. The 2nd best delivery is by using the skin. It’s called
    transdermal magnesium chloride in a foot bath
    for 1/2 hr. Unlike Epsom salts it will last 24 hrs
    by relaxing the body & mind.

  10. wycieczka1

    True, except if you have hidden infections or toxicity from mercury or pesticides, or if you have a nutrient poor diet your positive mental state is under attack from more than just emotional issues. Functional Medicine also includes mind-body – attacking the problem from both ends – although you are correct that he omitted that.

  11. He does not mention about mental state of people/mental stress-anger,resentment, hate fear etc/which is the most importent of all/If person is happy perfect health follows/

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