Tarot Secrets Revealed: The Elemental Spread Explained

The Elemental Tarot Spread consists of 12 cards drawn randomly from the Tarot Deck.  The cards are laid out in the order shown on the picture here.

This Spread was developed by Myself to be able to understand Elemental influences more easily, and also to provide an enhancement to My Readings. It is based on the principle of the Magic Square, and also based on the core of the Celtic Cross Spread.

Firstly the Significator is chosen from the deck to act as a focus within the reading, and to represent the person for whom the Reading is for. (For information on how to choose a significator please view my other Tarot article-Tarot Secrets Revealed:What are Significators in a Tarot Reading?)

Then the Deck is shuffled and the cards chosen at random and laid according to the diagram:

Card 1: Present position

Card 2: PresentObstacle/event

Card 3: Present Feelings

Card 4: Present Aims/Goals

Card 5: Past Obstacle/event

Card 8: Past Feelings

Card 9: Past Aims/Goals

Card 6: Future Obstacle/event

Card 7: Future Feelings

Card 10: The Final Outcome.

(It is interesting to note here that the past and present sides of this Reading can change sides according to which way the significator is looking.  If the Significator is looking to the left then Cards 8,5,9 become 7,6,10.  If the Significator is looking Right or Centre, then the positions are unaffected.)

You would interpret this Spread in your normal way, using the repertoire of personal understandings and interpretations that you have built up as a Tarot Reader.  The difference here is to also use Elemental opposites and equals to add further insight to the Tarot Reading.

(For more information on how to interpret cards by their Elemental properties please read my other articles-Tarot Secrets Revealed: The Major Arcana and Elemental Associations, Tarot Secrets Revealed: Timing Future Events,Tarot secrets Revealed:Tarot and the Four Elements)

Written by Richard Field
I have over 10 years of Tarot-Reading experience, and constantly study Tarot and related forms of Divination-including new forms.

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