Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is traditionally done in a Japanese form of Buddhism. Practice walking mediation with tips from a registered hatha yoga instructor in this free yoga video. Expert: Elizabeth Rose Bio: Elizabeth Rose is a registered Hatha yoga teacher with a background in modern dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and circus arts. Filmmaker: randy primm

  1. cerise333Jul 20, 2011

    that sounds perfect for me I gotta walk a lot on a normal active day =) thanx love you I’m just learnin =P

  2. wolfeatchrisJul 20, 2011

    one of the highest occuring accidents that happen on sidewalks. 3rd to cell phone use, and ipod use, is ppl meditating while walking. thank you for showing us this “eyes open” technique.

  3. ruzickawJul 20, 2011

    no awarness in your walking

  4. MaxLupinoJul 20, 2011

    zryta medytacja

  5. gsmith3286Jul 20, 2011

    Being new to Mediation …I found the walking mediation very simple and very helpful…well done…thank you

  6. dsalfvcfkljfmkmcfefJul 20, 2011

    I had to watch this twice before understanding what she was saying!
    She is too beautiful to talk about meditation.
    Her beauty is itself an distraction to concentrate on the video.

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