Simple Meditation Techniques : Mantra Meditation

Simple Meditation Techniques : Mantra Meditation

A mantra is a sound or phrase repeated aloud over and over again. Practice mantra meditation with tips from a registered hatha yoga instructor in this free yoga video. Expert: Elizabeth Rose Bio: Elizabeth Rose is a registered Hatha yoga teacher with a background in modern dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and circus arts. Filmmaker: randy primm
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  1. RasAhmoseJul 23, 2011

    @spiltmilkandsilk love.

  2. spiltmilkandsilkJul 23, 2011

    do you identify with any religion?

  3. joolsnerJul 23, 2011

    @rickyanish I thought the same too. The meaning of the word is not important as it loses meaning as you say it after a whille but it is the vibration created. I think this woman has not read the Vedas.

  4. ariuesJul 23, 2011

    why husband? what u tryin to say? meditation is for women? jk

  5. leeswayJul 23, 2011

    I like her voice

  6. hachiman2012Jul 23, 2011

    what a beautiful human being

  7. rickyanishJul 23, 2011

    Sorry. Mantra is not just a sound or phrase that you can just say or speak aloud.
    Mantra is a word which has immense power in its pronunciation because of the vibrations it create in or body and outside us.
    THANK U.

  8. derpdaderp1234Jul 23, 2011

    I’ve never understood chants. Just concentrating on breath and the sound of the natural environment around me works.

  9. HyperVegitoDBZJul 23, 2011

    I think it will take me to practise!

  10. jokerbookshopJul 23, 2011

    @darkandsilent lol

  11. pmallon64Jul 23, 2011

    I think it really is true that eastern “Darmic” religions such as hinduism and buddhism are so much more spiritually deep and fulfilling than the dogmatic life-denying “Abrahamic” faiths.

  12. retread01Jul 23, 2011

    @darkandsilent Classy. I.e. you have no class.

  13. dennywjonesJul 23, 2011

    mentalvagabond, i dont think that the chant is important at all. as long as it’s something that doesn’t contribute to the arising of random, imaginative thoughts. The main thing with chanting is that you’re focusing one thing, not focusing on the results you want achieve orthinking of anything else for that matter. that’s my two cents

  14. mentalvagabondJul 23, 2011

    So many different ideas on what a mantra should be.Some have said it should be a word you think repeatedly and should not have any specific meanin, clearing the mind of thoughts. Others indicated it should be a specific word with meaning chanted aloud and designed to move towards specific events or elightenment…. I am getting very confused as to the direction I should follow, everything seems to vary from the posture to the Mantra to the timing and effect! thoughts and guidance anyone?

  15. StevenTormanJul 23, 2011

    These people just have to believe in something higher then themselves, but does not restrict their life pleasures

  16. gthomson25Jul 23, 2011

    I’ve been thinking about trying meditation but im afraid ill end up like people such as this. completly out of touch with reality, bound up in silly spiritual beliefs and thinking im an anti-capitalist counter culture guru while charging people upwards of a hundred dollars a session to sit cross legged and pretend like they are balancing some non existant life force. So you want church and state to be together or more likely you have no clue what antidisestablishmentarianism means?

  17. hunky223Jul 23, 2011

    what a nice thing to heart from such a young girl, I am impressed that she is teaching meditation on here

  18. princess70047Jul 23, 2011

    Actually, you’re supposed to use a word that has no meaning to you!

  19. declanringJul 23, 2011

    You say potato i say potatoe,

  20. ruzickawJul 23, 2011

    have you ever heard that the Tibetans dont say PADME but PEME?

  21. SGTLEBARJul 23, 2011

    Its actually better to chant “oooommmmmmm”

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