Start Your Day Right with Marianne Williamson

Start Your Day Right with Marianne Williamson

At her cover shoot for the November issue, Marianne Williamson – best-selling author and spiritual philosopher – explains why taking time each morning for self-reflection is a better way to start your day than, say, turning on the television or reading the newspaper. She also discusses meditation and the shift in traditional roles that is causing people to find support in their own internal structures and thought forms. Read more about Williamson at
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  1. AvitinyourfaceJul 24, 2011

    Marianne you are a lier and head of a cult new age movement witch does not believe Jesus is the Son of God.You are assuring your followers of this cult a place in Hell for eternity.I hope they are saved from this new age bullshit witchcraft .

  2. sukradevaJul 24, 2011

    ah so well said…Marianne you are brilliant!….

  3. WingedmagicianJul 24, 2011


  4. mobymaggJul 24, 2011

    Marianne has said we are great beyond measure and no one person is special. This reminds me of this quote: “In wisdom, I know I am nothing. In love, I know I am everything. Between these two, my life flows.”
    – Nisargadatta Maharaj

  5. inthepalaceJul 24, 2011

    What a blessing you are and the messages that you bring to share with us! Amen.

  6. idigcarsJul 24, 2011

    Happy to see that no one pushed the dislike button

  7. earthshakingfartJul 24, 2011

    Don’t look now, someone just paid their bill at the Maui Hilton!!!!

  8. RockstafellerJul 24, 2011

    @1970porsche9146 its not a f***ing illusion, thats not what everyone says

    the only person that deeply believed in matter not really existing was Berkeley

  9. milliemassJul 24, 2011

    she is AMAZING.And fabulous while doing it!

  10. pazcecipazJul 24, 2011

    true message…….meditation is the way

  11. 1970porsche9146Jul 24, 2011

    Everything is thought. Physical reality is an illusion, as Einstein said, a very persistent illusion.

  12. DolphinsSpiritJul 24, 2011

    Wow I Completely Adore This! This is Ultra Archi Amazing!!! =D

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