Guided Zen Buddhist Meditation Method

Guided Zen Buddhist Meditation Method (free article with full details). The incredible meditation of Lord Buddha, Zazen or Zen Meditation Technique is explored in this video. A clear demonstration of Cosmic Mudra (hand position), as well as details on the posture and practice are taught

  1. AlexAnderFilmingJul 26, 2011

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  2. MrwilwakJul 26, 2011

    @ahappyimago I tried a few different positions around the same model. Sitting cross legged, one hand in the palm of the other like spoons in a drawer, thumbs together and spine supported easily by balance, not muscle tension. Once I’m comfortable, I quickly fall into simple concentration on breathing and let the chatter die away. I do adopt a similar position each time but it’s governed by comfort not dogma. What’s the point in being strict about position when our bodies are all different?

  3. ahappyimagoJul 26, 2011

    @Mrwilwak I generally agree with this type of thinking but lately I’ve been wondering if having a proper structure is important for transmitting the tradition. Otherwise, people would sort of just being doing what they want and eventually some things may be lost. That said, at my spiritual height, I didn’t really know the right posture and it didn’t matter at the time. When that initial energy was lost,however, I began to go down a more established path so I’m beginning to learn proper posture.

  4. madamedaigleJul 26, 2011


  5. Etaks89Jul 26, 2011

    I need some advice here, becoming balanced and relaxed is an incredible obstacle for me to overcome due to several spinal injuries, broken tail bone, herniated lumbar discs, bulging discs in my neck. I have broken past all these barriers before to where my body resonated with vibrations so powerful I could not feel pain, or fear, or hate, only pure love. But getting there is sometimes far too difficult. What can I do to break these barriers holding me back?

  6. Slee1971Jul 26, 2011

    “Lord Buddha” WTF Buddha was not a lord what BS

  7. BougnouleDeMerdeJul 26, 2011

    @TrueZenBuddhist there is not zen buddhism. Buddhism is Indian. Period. The rest is bullshit.

  8. MrwilwakJul 26, 2011

    I mistrust the motives of those who are pedantic about things such as position. It gives me the impression they have a desire for authority rather than a genuine desire to teach. Because it is obvious that the only reason a position is suggested at all is that it is comfortable and stable. It doesn’t matter at all if the right hand is on top or below. Create a wide stable base with legs and behind such that your spine can support itself like a column of building blocks. It’s not difficult.

  9. butthead6886Jul 26, 2011

    @strangerlover11 lololol

  10. kingofthering24Jul 26, 2011

    Maybe you can explain, but didn’t Buddha say he never wanted to be called a lord or God/

  11. f***mania07Jul 26, 2011

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  12. TrueZenBuddhistJul 26, 2011

    I am a practicing Zen Buddhist and would love to have a few subscribers. Thanks!

  13. strangerlover11Jul 26, 2011

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyy don’t open your third eyes because you are sitting on that..hahahha

  14. unityspirit51Jul 26, 2011

    @lionblackabyss7 maybe its the voice in your head that doesnt want to meditate and the voice in your head that

  15. JohnnyRock2000Jul 26, 2011

    @xLuckyLuciano – You can do it while trying to go to sleep too. If you really concentrate on the counting, and if thoughts do occur, (and they will), just immediately return to the counting – the next thing you know you will be waking up in the morning. No matter what state of mind you are in – it can be vacated with this concentration technique.

  16. xLuckyLucianoJul 27, 2011

    @JohnnyRock2000 Just tried that for about 7 minutes. Works great. I feel amazing!

  17. EdmondDantes1934Jul 27, 2011

    the point of meditation is to not think of anything, i dont like that. is there a meditation were you do think?

  18. Star7NerdJul 27, 2011

    @v0lquete yea you still can mediate 🙂

  19. DreamsofMajestyJul 27, 2011

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