Louise L Hay Affirmation Meditation

I am willing to change affirmation 3 times with music from Lousie L Hay’s Movie, You can heal your life. Many Blessings – Lisa B Lisa C. Beachy Spiritual Intuitive & Healer www.LisaBeachy.com
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  1. @JimTheHermit Well, what it’s actually doing is erasing the karma between you to.

  2. @camelot886 Tell this person in your mind. “I forgive you for not being the (person / friend / teacher / parent / neighbor / landlord / bus driver / , etc) I wanted you to be. I forgive you and I let you go.”

    Forgiveness is not about condoning behavior. It’s about freeing you from it.

  3. @camelot886 I would say “I am willing to learn to forgive X” if saying you forgive them right away is too difficult and “X did the best they could with what they knew at the time” These are things I learnt from Louise Hay

  4. @MeditationsforMoms great!! righ ton, also: i am good, i have a good self opinion

  5. What is enlightenment?Tired of running endlessly looking for meaningful teachings?psychic powers, telepathy, precognition, it is all real.THE-HIDDEN-SPIRITdotCOM It is time to change the world.

  6. @MeditationsforMoms
    I have another question for you. I have about 20 affirmations I would like to use. Do I now have to say them all 10 times each day, or only when a particular problem arises? And do I have to say them every day for the rest of my life? 😛 I have to admit it makes me a little bit tired to say all of these affirmations every day, but I want success. 🙂 Greetings

  7. @MeditationsforMoms
    thank you for your answer, i will give it a try. 😉

  8. @camelot886 In this life, there are only fear and love based emotions. Even though the person did something to justify the feelings, I am sure. Hate = Fear. By forgiving them, you eventually, bringing you peace over the whole situation. Forgiveness is love. Love replaces fear 🙂 So I would use the affirmation, ” I forgive {name}” . It will take time but fake it til you make it as they say. 🙂 Eventually this is how you release the hate.

  9. can anybody tell me what the affirmation would be if i hate a person? please don’t tell me that its “i love person x”, because that would be self-deceit and i cant believe that this would be healthy. thanks for the help.

  10. When it seems like you are willing to change and ready to let go, there is often the question of how to do that. I don’t know that there is an answer to that, so I just give it my intention and trust in the power of spirit.

  11. Our thoughts create our future! Thoughts of prosperity and abundance can help.

  12. thank you so much, i replayed and replayed and replayed
    we love you louise hay!!!

  13. from a stubborn man who resisted change and love,i thank you for posting this and this lady,Louise L Hay has been a good friend to me and as i can tell,to many others also,thanks again!

  14. Keep them coming. I have done some Visualization CD’s but never thought about putting them on YouTube.. Hmm..

  15. LOL Welcome! I need to make a new one, but I haven’t decided what to do yet.

  16. Well, look who I found! Totally by accident! I heard the voice and knew right away it was an angel.

  17. Hi lisa i added this video to the Positive affirmation group i created on CCOR. Thank you

  18. thank you so much for posting this! Very good video, especially the water drops thing she talked about.

  19. This is really good, Louise. I think the “stop criticizing” is crucial for parents of small children. They are building up or tearing down their child’s self esteem. I am an advocate for supporting a healthy self esteem in children.

  20. @Luisa8783
    me too I’m an Arab and my English even not that strong, but I understand her very clearly , as if she speaks my own language. 🙂
    God bless her ^^

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  22. I am Italian, I teach English, but when I watch american or English videos there are always lots of words that I don’t understand…. when she speaks I understand every single word… as if she spoke Italian… she is so clear … I love her

  23. This is my first time listening to Louise and she is an amazing motivational speaker.

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  25. ❤ This is truly the only way to start changing in positive directions~Debbie:)

    What is the underlying law of nature.
    As the way of all things, what effect do you suppose its question, knowledge, understanding and application by billions of persons will have on the state of global economics, science, the humanities, education, government and business?
    The underlying law of nature is the most important subject any person can investigate and learn about, can proceed to understand, and can then come to personally apply in life.

  27. @Cynisca: As I said, it depends on how much you are identified with any image, with your body, your thoughts… believing in a separate self. The truth you are speaking of is only “what this body looks like” not who and what we really are already = LOVE! Look at your face next time (in any kind of reflection) with the eyes of a mother who loves her child no matter what she looks like…
    Love and Light A.

  28. @yelapaangel
    I know the principle of how the true mirror works and just tried it with ordinary mirrors.
    What if you look worse than you believed you did – which I seem to? (bad dentistry has left me with a mouth that looks years older than the rest of me)
    Maybe sometimes the truth is better not to know?

  29. She doesn’t know like most people that our backwards mirror image is the problem! It keeps the illusion of a separate self alive! Most people (like I was) identify with this non-existing backwards image that no-one sees except you. Louise doesn’t know the effects of telling her audience to look into a mirror telling yourself to “love” this non-existing image? Amazing realizations happen when you see yourself as others see you in my True MIrror.
    (my video “True Mirror explained” attached)

  30. Be as selfless as you can, consider others as much as you consider yourself, change your behaviour as to benefit others as well as yourself. This doesnt mean changing the world, even little things are just as good, your mind will get the idea – others will be drawn to your love, and joy will shine on all areas of your life as naturally as the suns rays emanate onto the world

  31. Great! You will see at first the changes are small ones but if you really try and hold on to your positive thoughts your life will be amazing !

    If you didn´t heard about Abrahams teachings ,you should check them out,they are the best ,and they teach the real basics.I´m really happy to find their dvd-s ,because they are wonderful .
    Lots of love from Me :-))

  32. That is soo great! Even though I don’t know you, I appreciate the fact that you’re sharing the changes you noticed about yourself. I just started wacthing about her clips recently and I want to be improved.

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