Palmistry – Judge A Person By His/her Fingers

Palmistry – Judge A Person By His/her Fingers


Types of fingers:
Index Finger – Ambition/Career – Ego
Middle Finger – The Mind/Money – Super Ego
Ring Finger – Emotions – Personna
Baby Finger – Communications/Spirituality – Id/Libido
The Thumb – Willpower and Control
The length of the fingers shows the individual’s patience and ability to carry out tedious tasks. Short fingers are found on people with grandiose dreams, but not the patience to complete the tasks required. Long fingers show a love of detail, but often to the exclusion of the “Big Picture”.

Also important to note is the length of the fingers in relation to one another. The first comparison to make is the length of the index to ring finger. If the index finger is noticeably longer than the ring finger, this indicates that the subject has a “Me First” attitude, and is a natural leader.

With the ring finger at least a quarter inch longer than the index, these are the technicians. Able to understand both people and machines, these subjects will not take the lead unless they must, being content to be the power behind the throne.

For the baby finger, we look to how low-set the base is. The normal placement is approximately a quarter inch below the level of the other fingers. This shows a normal degree of self-confidence. With the base of the baby finger more than a quarter inch below, the person had a very insecure childhood, with the lack of confidence carrying on through to adult life. In the case of the high-set finger, this indicates a confident and secure childhood, again carrying on to adulthood.

A straight finger shows straightforward views and actions pertaining to the aspects of that finger. Any twisting or bending tells that the views and actions of that aspect have been consciously altered. When one finger leans into another, the aspects of the bent finger have not followed a “normal” course. The aspects of the straight finger support the leaning one.

The amount of space between the fingers also tells us much about the subject.

A large space between the thumb and the hand shows a Read more on this article at

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