Tutorial – How to Start Creative Visualization

Tutorial – How to Start Creative Visualization


A detailed tutorial on how to start using creative visualization
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  1. minaloraJul 29, 2011

    Oh, wow I want to do Tai Chi ♥

  2. carriemaizeyJul 29, 2011

    I’ve tried all this. And found that ‘the best way to get somone’s/thing’s attention is to stop giving it yours’. THAT works. NOT this BS. Nam myo renge kyo … yeah ok.

  3. littlebit19801Jul 29, 2011

    PLEASE HELP ME!! Without going into too much detail, I try to visualize and use the law of attraction and I REALLY start feeling good when I do, BUT *usually when I go out in public* a lot of negative things start happening and things start happening that are contrary to what I’m visualizing and trying to attract and manifest then I start getting all frustrated, can someone PLEASE tell me what I should do about this and hwo to overcome it . Please help.

  4. BLACKMONEYSOADJul 29, 2011

    Thank you…..

  5. cosmicordering1Jul 29, 2011

    Creative visualization, simply put, is the ability to use the imagination, see images in our minds and make them come true. If we add concentration and feelings, it becomes a great creative power that makes things happen. Used in the right way, visualization can bring changes into our lives. The thought is the matrix or blueprint; the feelings provide the energy, the ‘electricity’. With practice you can do this at any time. Be Cosmic …

  6. 980graziellaJul 29, 2011

    So, the thoughts at that precise moment have to be relax and in a joyful mood…No else way to succeed in it…This is simple.

  7. flare765Jul 29, 2011

    @anadalay99 well it works but its not just magical or any crap like that.. it is made to put you in the right frame of mind ( positive thinking). when your thinking positively you are able to perform better and that almost guarantees your success. so yeah i guess it works. What i’m trying to learn now is meditation techniques of the theravada buddhist i’ve heard some pretty cool stuff about them

  8. anadalay99Jul 29, 2011

    @flare765 does it work? ? ?

  9. sorelsuarezJul 29, 2011


  10. flare765Jul 29, 2011

    its funny cause i already do this

  11. JayhawkblueJul 29, 2011

    want proof people

  12. 1981z28camaroJul 29, 2011

    I needed a windshield for my car, cuz it was really cracked, anyways, I was driving to my friends place, and all of a sudden this large piece of auto glass fell off of a Glass truck, and I drove straight through the CENTER of it, AS it was falling!, because of this accident, they gave me a FREE windshield, because they were sorry that I drove straight through one, but think of the odds!, I was in the EXACT right place at the EXACT right time, and I ended up getting what I wanted. pretty crazy.

  13. 1981z28camaroJul 29, 2011

    today I had to buy a new stereo, cuz mine stopped working, and when I went to the pawn shop, the price for it (just a simple receiver) was $69, and I thought, “I’d like to offer him $60 for it” lol, I know, money’s tight… anyways, I got to the till, and he says “just give me $60 for it” without me saying anything!

    I also once thought about a meteorite coming close to the ground, burning up, and 2 mins later, I saw EXACTLY that! (I have NEVER seen this) and no it wasn’t a shooting star. 🙂

  14. CheekyMingeJul 29, 2011

    that’s exactly how I feel too – are you really alive or are you a creation from my mind?

    the only reason I ever doubt that is because of the real odd stuff that simply comes from nowhere and that nobody could ever think up – like somebody turning around and offering you an ice-cream.

  15. saywebJul 29, 2011

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  16. Johnnyart2000Jul 29, 2011

    Thank You!!! Great Work!

  17. saywebJul 29, 2011

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  18. Smexty9Jul 29, 2011

    Thankyou 🙂 Great video to by the way 😉

  19. Smexty9Jul 29, 2011

    What is the song used in the background..???

  20. saywebJul 29, 2011

    many things we use on our daily life, we, yet, don’t know how they work, nevertheless, we are sure of their performance, based on a previous experience. These exercises are the same. Try it for a while, with something simple, and you will see how they work and perhaps develop your technique.

  21. 1981z28camaroJul 29, 2011

    I tend to think we create our reality more than attract it, which I find truly amazing, many people would call it B.S, but really, how do they know how the Universe REALLY works? we have this idea of how the Universe works, but ideas are not always right. People need to start asking questions like, “Why am I even conscience?” “How can I prove I’m not dreaming all this, and creating it as I go?

    these are heavy fundamental questions, which we do not have answers for.

    Life is amazing.

  22. saywebJul 29, 2011

    Fantastic. Recommended!

  23. mrpcsolJul 29, 2011


  24. OklalajeeJul 29, 2011

    Thank you for uploading this nice video.

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