Palmistry Heart Line

Palmistry Heart Line

Heart line is an important line in the analysis of hand, as it deals with the events and emotions that are centered around love, whether it is the capability to love, or to be loved. In general, the deeper and stronger the line, the warmer and stronger your devotions are.

The heart line is the horizontal line located above the head line. It might rise from 3 important positions as follows: the middle of the mount of Jupiter, between the first and second fingers, and from the centre of mount of Saturn. When the heart line rises from the centre of Jupiter, it shows the highest type of love and worship of the heart’s ideal. An individual with such a structure is firm, strong and reliable in relationships.


When this line rises from the mount of Jupiter, yet from the finger itself denotes that people with such type of heart line are carried away by pride and they cannot see any fallings and fault in the person whom they love. When this line rises between the first and second fingers, it denotes a calm but deeper nature of the person in matter of love. Such individuals are quieter and submissive in their passion.

When the heart lines rises between the first and second fingers, the person is said to be having more passion in the attachments, and would be more or less selfish in satisfying his/her affections. These people are not very expressive and demonstrative in their home life. A short line of heart shows a lack of interest in love and affection. However, if this short line is very strong and deep, then the person’s affections tend to be quite steady.

The line lying so low down that it drops down towards the head line is an indication of unhappiness in affections during the early part of life. When the line of heart is much fretted by a group of tiny lines rising in to it, it tells of filtrations, faithlessness and a series of affairs, but lasting affection. A square appearing on a heart line is a sign of protection, whether it is in the form of good medical treatment or help in solving a business problem.

Small lines that extend upward from the palmistry heart line show a great deal of happiness in love. However, if the lines extend downward, then it shows disappointment in relationship.

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