Donna Quesada. Taoism/Daoism. (Farmer & Horse. Relativity. Tao Te Ching) 1/9

Donna Quesada. Taoism/Daoism. (Farmer & Horse. Relativity. Tao Te Ching) 1/9

Donna Quesada from Santa Monica College – Lecture on the Chinese philosophy of Taoism. Feb. 5, 2009. Part 1-of-9.–Donna Quesada’s book now on sale! Link to buy:

Conversation between lao tze and confucius on taoism and confucianism. The Chinese culture is Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Taoism talks about Nature; Confucianism talks about nurture; Buddhism brought them all together as one into an eternally flowing cycle. And only when a man loses self in the turbulence of the flow, would he find the wonder of where the flow is taking him.
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  1. operationmongoose1Jul 31, 2011

    Great lecture. I am interested in Taoism. These students are lucky to sit under your tutelage. (student shrugs).

  2. Alta626Jul 31, 2011

    @profquesada This is a great lecture I’m a grad student at the university of Laverne and this really helps one question though How does this relate to management?

  3. schmoukizJul 31, 2011


  4. o0OCognizanceO0oJul 31, 2011

    Goosebumps, this is my philosophy. Things will happen regardless. Just take the path of least resistance, it’s the best you can achieve.

  5. o0OCognizanceO0oJul 31, 2011

    @schmoukiz The “west” stole all the worlds resources,knowledge, corrupted the world with it’s slave like religion while destroying ancient knowledge and keeping it to themselves. They built their civilization and economies using slaves and now are trying to SELL the resources back to their original owners while claiming no advantage. By west I mean government institutions and religious insitiutions. Till this day it is on going, financially.

  6. creestoefurJul 31, 2011

    hehe the fact that she’s storytelling in that voice, and sitting cross legged on top of her desk, it looks like she’s teaching a class of kindergarden students. it’s kinda hard to watch.

  7. schmoukizJul 31, 2011

    The West is taught to appreciate fatalism, which never got it far in the past history, while the Chinese are becoming competition freaks and workaholics. The West is taught to be relativistic about all values, and especially about its own values, that made it a desirable place to live in. Meanwhile, the East is becoming more fundamentalist about its values, that are yet to produce a better society. Talk about horse stories, remember the Trojan one.

  8. graywackeknifebdrJul 31, 2011

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  9. Steve2323ZXJul 31, 2011

    @namesameasu I posted this question 7 months ago and I gave up thinking anyone would ever give me a serious answer.

  10. namesameasuJul 31, 2011

    @Steve2323ZX Morality is relative insofar as opposites such as good/bad have their unity. The distinction is still recognizable, but when good or bad occur, some of its opposite entailed by it. The good may bring out the worst, and the bad may bring out the best. Relativity is from the perspective of totality. So, although, suffering may always be rightly considered “bad” — there may be a bright side to come. Vice versa with a concept such as “loving.” Nothing is static.

  11. breadbassedJul 31, 2011

    Mmmmm, pretty lady talking about philosophy and spirituality (drools) :p

    The story makes me think of a little philosophy/religion me and my friend have (jokingly), the philosophy of ‘meh’, indifference i guess lol

    Seriously though, big fan of taoism and zen, will definitely watch the other 8 parts, good stuff so far.

  12. dabanhfreakJul 31, 2011

    @Steve2323ZX no

  13. XtraXtraodinaireJul 31, 2011

    Isn’t that farmer and his horse a zen story?

  14. zzomgitsmeJul 31, 2011

    wow your lectures are very interesting and fun to listen to.

  15. frozenstrawbsJul 31, 2011

    constancy 0.o

  16. MooperSCJul 31, 2011

    Ms. Quesada is by far the best instructor ever! She is so understanding and at peace with herself, its absolutely amazing

  17. Steve2323ZXJul 31, 2011

    are taoists also moral relativists?
    do they believe somethings are wrong under any circumstance or is everything relative based on context including murder, rape, stealing, etc?

  18. MichaelmyersTXJul 31, 2011

    She knows what she´s talking about, but Taoism is more complex than that.

    As a taoist myself I know about this!

  19. conka90kJul 31, 2011

    those who are learned are not wise, those who are wise are not learned

  20. KeunonoJul 31, 2011

    Haha ye! gogo Supreme Court <(^^,)<

  21. codeagent47Jul 31, 2011

    Taoism’s idea its basically the balancing of energy between Yin and Yang.
    Once you understand this concept, you able to understand the nature of justice.

  22. yinyangnatureJul 31, 2011

    Thank you Donna! This is an excellent lecture on Relativity. Well done!

  23. monmedroJul 31, 2011

    Today has been a great day: I found you, Donna! Greetings from Mexico. And please keep teaching the Dao so enthusiastically as you do… thank you!

  24. TaichiprincessJul 31, 2011

    That teacher – she’s a lovely lady!

  25. MidnightDC696969Jul 31, 2011

    Yes i agree, the Tao Te Ching is neither Yin or Yang but encompasses aspects of both.

  26. joechingJul 31, 2011

    @strangelittleboy thank u for accepting some chinese/asia culture. besides taoism and confucianism, there is also buddhism, which preaches letting go of everything earthly, or ownershipless.

  27. strangelittleboyJul 31, 2011

    thank you

  28. joechingJul 31, 2011

    @samuelsixvids not often the chinese ancients make themselves understandable.

  29. samuelsixvidsJul 31, 2011


  30. Dasar7557Jul 31, 2011

    When peoples suppress themselves in the beliefs of divisional polarities such as righteousness & unrighteousness they begin producing negative energy out of fearfulness & guiltiness. If peoples do what they have been manipulated to perceive as wickedness then they will have guiltiness. If peoples suppress themselves out of fear then they will feel worthless.

  31. Dasar7557Jul 31, 2011

    Like a lion in a cage, so will they develop a broken spirit. The politeness rituals only destroys the world whether Christianity, Muslims, Judaism, ect… ect… Their perceptions of reality are deluded and they condemn themselves in their own judgments. One sees the bamboo trees which bend in the winds.

  32. Dasar7557Jul 31, 2011

    If they were not flexible they would snap. Humans are no different. When you have an orthodox moral code it will only create chaos for in it their is imbalance. If you find self-fulfillment then you will only produce positive energy and in that heal the world. Listen to me, be marry and satisfied. Do what you will but go against the freewill of others, unless in self defense. This is the way of nature!

  33. ZamolxxJul 31, 2011

    Yes but that contradicts the purpose of which human beings are distinct from the animals. One can be part of nature, but not one with it. This is also a pantheistic argument, that God is nature and vice-versa. Zhu Xi (a true follower of Confucius and Mencius) says that the li is derived from Li, but it is not Li. Just as the custom of a country is derived from Natural Law, but it’s not Natural Law. Creation is derived from God, but it is not God. Confucius was advocating for Vernadky’s noosphere

  34. chinawarrior666Jul 31, 2011

    Confucius was a romanticist, while Daoism disregarded romanticism. Daoism teaches that rulers have to work with what is happening rather than trying to force changes. Confucianism saw itself as a system to bring back what Confucius considered to be ‘ancient’. Confucius very much admired the values of Western Zhou period and sought to bring them back to the Eastern Zhou period. Neither opinion is right nor wrong.

  35. BioCapsuleJul 31, 2011

    @DreamsofMajesty Such insecurity in your faith that you have to be to come to someone else video to pimp it…

  36. joechingJul 31, 2011

    @ingeniouskoala my video editing package is very primitive.

    i think we have the whole text of the conversation in one of my replies.

  37. ingeniouskoalaJul 31, 2011

    The lime-green text is difficult to read. >:| Try white text on black blocking.

  38. DreamsofMajestyJul 31, 2011

    For anyone who desires the truth, I would highly recommend checking out the scribd website that is listed on my channel.

  39. joechingJul 31, 2011

    @SanguineBullet667 so, u r a humanist, rather than a naturalist.

    but i think the important thing to remember is that ancient asian sages were not preaching us, but describing us. so, dont dont do anything that’s not us.

  40. SanguineBullet667Jul 31, 2011

    I personally do not like Taoism, I much prefer Confucianism.

  41. joechingJul 31, 2011

    @BleedingInShadows best way to appreciate what the sages did is to think that:

    “they were not teaching, but describing, us.”

  42. BleedingInShadowsJul 31, 2011

    @joeching Thank you very much. 🙂
    I haven’t read the message on time, unfortunately, but I managed to understand it in a way. I understood it as those 5 relationships. in a way , guess, i wasn’t that wrong.

  43. joechingJul 31, 2011

    @BleedingInShadows pzr=politeness ritual of zhou,
    zhou is the zhou dynasty, one of whose emperors thought up the politeness ritual that confucius want all of us to embrace.

  44. BleedingInShadowsJul 31, 2011

    Can someone, please, tell me what’s PZR and Zhou?
    I need it for an assignment. It would be nice to get the answer as soon as possible.

  45. joechingJul 31, 2011

    @sticksrice the video is on ht tp//ping-pong.n et/laocon.mpg. and it doesnt have to be me to spread the message. do what ever u can with ur account.

    also another asia culture clip i would recommend watch is:
    ASIA UNIFICATION — English version

  46. sticksriceJul 31, 2011

    This is a great clip! If you are willing to share your username/pass w/ that other viewer so he/she can place the subtitles where they can be read more clearly, just change your psswrd when finished. He/she is right it is hard to read the subtitles and us less knowledgable viewers miss some very strong words of wisdom. They are speaking Mandarin and it is Cantonese on the screen behind the English? Yes? Thanks for the great video, it is an insight into great thought for the planet. Peace.

  47. joechingJul 31, 2011

    @taishing11 the best thing is to learn chinese.

    but the idea is to produce the video and translation with the least among of effort so one can do more. in term of chinese culture and history, we r in a race against america’s effort to destroy china as a threat for a lack of understanding of china.

  48. taishing11Aug 01, 2011

    the purpose of delicately green shadowed subtitles procures a sense to replay the video to consume the lost or unread portions of difficult to see text.

  49. xIegionxAug 01, 2011

    @joeching Give me your username and password and ill edit this video with captions

  50. joechingAug 01, 2011

    @xIegionx any chance u can help? i m simply too busy in trying to stop wwiii.

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