Do you ask people what their sign is when you meet them?

Do you ask people what their sign is when you meet them?

Question by –: Do you ask people what their sign is when you meet them?
Just asking because people always ask questions here saying something like “today i met this pisces guy” or something like that

So do people just randomly ask “What is your zodiac sign?” lol

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Answer by Ang3l
No, I would like to though, some people don’t really understand that in my area lol. They would look at me as if i’ve 2 heads lol!

Scorpio Sun
Pisces Moon
Aquarius Rising 🙂

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  1. JeffAug 01, 2011

    nope, i dont believe in supersitious mumbo jumbo like that.

  2. I Love My KittiesAug 01, 2011

    Nope. I usually get to know them and become friends. Then I end up comparing them to the traits of their sign to see if it matches up. I dont do it to people I hardly know, just my best friends and family.

  3. @ge_0f_PiscesAug 01, 2011

    No, that would be weird, not many people believe in star signs. Sometimes and only at times i would know their element (like: fire, air, earth or water) and at times I’ve gotten their star signs correct. Wouldn’t it be better to ask them their date of birth instead?

  4. bilderbackAug 01, 2011

    No way haha, it makes things really awkward. I worked at JCPenney one time and one of my co-workers asked me what sign I was (and I lied) but it really caught me off guard. It’s the kind of stuff you keep to yourself, but secretly share with others who know it themselves.

    Funny how I can openly talk about porn and drugs (don’t do either I’m just open minded about it) but I can’t talk about some star stuff.

  5. MikeAug 01, 2011

    that should be a pickup line at a bar. or maybe you should try and guess what their sign is when you first meet them

  6. horseloverktvAug 01, 2011

    I do. Most of the time when I meet people i inquire about it. It makes for good conversation if they believe it.

  7. EggNogAug 01, 2011

    Yes! In the 1st 15 minutes of meeting them.
    I have to know what im dealing with.
    I’ll ask sign or birthdate.
    Of course i occasionally get “you believe in that crap”??
    Life is too short to deal with folks that are not ideally compatible with us.

  8. omnipwnAug 01, 2011

    Exactly Jeff, MUMBO JUMBO. I don’t ask because it is UNIMPORTANT.

  9. PaulaAug 01, 2011

    no, juz like other answerers here, its awkweird, weirdo cuckoo lol

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