Zodiac Compatibility Sun Sign: Aquarius

Zodiac Compatibility Sun Sign: Aquarius

Compatibility with other zodiac signs
With Aries – They will not tie each other down because both of them understand each other’s needs.

With Taurus – Both have very stubborn nature and hence will result in both going opposite ways

With Gemini – Both desire harmony and companionship, love to socialize and will be fine mates in the bed.

With Cancer – Aquarius’s aloofness and Cancer’s possessive match will only result in Aquarius looking for someone outside the relationship

With Leo – Leo is physical and Aquarius is mental. To Leo everything is all about the self. To Aquarius everything is all about the world.

With Virgo – Both are very mental signs. While Aquarius is optimistic, Virgo is pessimistic. Both are intellectually compatible but their relationship may not last long. Both are compatible to an extent though. Not a long term match seen here.

With Libra – There will be no arguments, both appreciate the way each other’s mind works but both are very sociable signs. In order for the relationship to work long term one of the signs has to calm down.

With Scorpio – Aquarius is turned off by Scorpio’s jealous passions. Scorpio gets upset by Aquarius’s unpredictable mood swings.

With Sagittarius – Both are sociable, not jealous, fun-loving, enjoy travel.

With Capricorn – Capricorn is cautious while Aquarius is adventurous. Boredom will set in pretty soon. Better move on!

With Aquarius – Both are very rational rather then emotional and there is a chance for this relationship to sustain.

With Pisces – Pisces is very emotional, while Aquarius cannot be giving in to emotions for a long time.

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