New Website Illuminates the Heart Through Breathing and Meditation Practices

New Website Illuminates the Heart Through Breathing and Meditation Practices

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) May 18, 2011

A new meditation website is as much about the heart as it is about meditation. The new Healthy Heart Meditation website ( is all about how to meditate. The technique is the ancient practice of heart rhythm meditation. The subject matter is the heart and all that it contains.


The culture of the heart is emerging. A shift is happening from a culture of mind to a culture of heart. This is a wonderful change. The mind has created many of the problems and stresses which are so evident today. It is the heart that will transform the present situation into a future aligned with deep purpose, harmony and beauty.


Healthy Heart Meditation is a website that promotes heart-centered mindfulness, heart-based living tools, heart meditation practices, e-Courses and biofeedback technology for engaging and relaxing the heart.


You see, the heart is the center of the emotional-energetic body system. The heart is the key to physical health, mental health and spiritual health. The heart has its own intelligence system that it generates an electromagnetic field in the body. This field is much larger than the brain’s field and extends outside the body.


The heart is the central rhythmic force that affects other rhythms throughout the body. The brain responds to the heart’s signals. A person’s heart rhythms are a reflection of their inner emotional state and these rhythms affect thought, feeling and action.


The field of heart rate variability feedback is a rapidly growing technology that may be as important than pulse, blood pressure or temperature in the body. Studies show that a low hrv is one of the leading indicators of early cardiac mortality.


Breathing and meditation practices are featured on the Healthy Heart Meditation website. These are not difficult to learn. One can start with simple heart breathing practices and work up to actual heart rhythm meditation practice, which is a powerful meditation which focuses on the heart.


Active feedback devices are featured and discussed which offer technology solutions to help engage the heart and mind in fun and healthful ways.


The heart is physical, emotional and spiritual. It is an old friend. Give it attention and breath and start living a heart-centered life today!


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