Why do people always say Cancer is the weakest sign?

Why do people always say Cancer is the weakest sign?

Question by : Why do people always say Cancer is the weakest sign?
They do know that they are the most emotional of the zodiac sign, so their anger is powerful. The most dangerous sign contrary to popular belief that it is Scorpio or Aries.
Source: http://www.insightfulpsychics.com/zodiac-signs-the-relationship-between-serial-killers-criminal-behavior-and-their-signs/

“Water indicators have Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces. The Cancers have a majority of criminals among all of the zodiac signs, they may be usually really violent. Scorpios and Pisces have high tempers also.

According for the FBI web site fbi.gov, the Cancers are one of the most booked criminals, this shows that they are among one of the most dangerous within the zodiac sign. ”
And believe it or not I actually met several witty Cancers. (More than Gemini!)

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Answer by Jenna Hudson
Cause Cancer is also a deadly sickness.

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  1. arlene bby !Aug 02, 2011

    because we are sensitive but weak really ? we are dangerous

  2. WhaleWhaleAug 02, 2011

    Not so sure but when Scorpio are mad please don’t even look at their face unless you want it to be cut of.
    And about Pisces it the last water sign so is the last zodiac sign. it can absor good and bad thing so cancer is the first water sign so i don’t think they have much experiment on zodiac they just do thing ramdomly. but for some last sign like Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces they have lot of Experiment from other sign so they leastly to be criminal and Cancer nit so much because they are naive.

  3. Lavender VAug 02, 2011

    Well it really depends on the person. And that’s pretty much based only on their sun sign. Maybe checking their birth chart will get a better understanding and more info on the person. Everyone has a mixture of signs on their chart anyways.

  4. RamonaAug 02, 2011

    Because most people think on a low level. I’ve noticed that ignorant people say ignorant things, and that’s that. You have to be broad minded and deep to see the beauty and strength in the water signs. Cancers are very impressionable, more than they realize. Its easy for water signs to be drawn into things they should be avoiding: crime, drugs, alcohol, lies, users. Its very hard to be a water sign, more so than any other element. So much of what we experience is subconscious and most of us don’t understand our natures. If they don’t have something very grounding, some kind of constructive emotional outlet in their lives they can easily become lost in their own worlds. Its much easier to be a fire, earth, or air sign but I don’t think its as rewarding. Gives a whole new meaning to ignorance is bliss.

  5. Been ThereAug 02, 2011

    Well, whoever says that Cancer is the weakest sign is not very knowledgeable about astrology, are they?

    For starters, Cancer is one of the Cardinal signs, and Cardinal signs are all about taking action and creating change … nothing “weak” about that.
    And, in agreement with you, Cancer is an emotional sign, and emotions are more powerful than thoughts.
    By itself, however, this is not enough to say that all Cancers are dangerous. It depends totally on what is happening in the entire chart … but I suspect you already know this, as you seem knowledgeable about astrology.
    Cancer/Capricorn is known for their dry wit.

  6. coffebeanAug 02, 2011

    everyone has a chance at being a criminal or whatever regardless of sun sign.

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