Jean Redpath sings Robert Burns “Westerln Wind”

Jean Redpath sings Robert Burns “Westerln Wind”

For me the best of Redpath and Burns. Video and Images by Dall Wilson. Vocals from “Songs of Burns arr. Serge Hov”
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  1. StuC5Aug 04, 2011

    Beautiful arrangement, and an intriguing contrast to Dick Gaughan’s version with acoustic guitar. Those Scottish accents were made for singing …

  2. 41tetanusAug 04, 2011

    Grandfather Mountain Games?

  3. dallwilsonAug 04, 2011

    @ianbrooksbank Thanks, Ian. This is wonderful information.
    Love to hear Gaughan. Glad to put Jean’s work on youtube (if she drops a line–told she lives near by in Asheville NC). Rather use her images than mine. This piece is filler; I loved the song to share.
    Burns in this lyric is the perfect poet of the world. I’m a mixed fan of Hovey’s work; Jean is glorious. Piano…blah; not very Burns I suspect. Even so this arrangement and the rest of the album are understated glories.

  4. ConchurMacUait1Aug 04, 2011

    I love it, its so passionate and romantic.

  5. katymay87Aug 04, 2011

    robert james selby does a cool version

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