Who is more likely to believe in “karma”, men or women?

Who is more likely to believe in “karma”, men or women?

Question by All or Nothing: Who is more likely to believe in “karma”, men or women?
And when things don’t go their way say things like

“you’ll get what’s coming to you”

“or karma’s a b****”

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Answer by Charlie Don’t Surf
I hear phrases like that coming more from women.

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  1. Winter GloryAug 04, 2011

    If you ever spent any time at all in the religion and spirituality section, you’d know full well it’s pretty 50/50.
    I for one…do NOT buy into karma.
    I’m the only woman I know who doesn’t. My daughter doesn’t, but she’s still a teenager, not yet a woman.
    There’s two men I know who don’t, the rest of the men I know do.
    That’s pretty even.

    The NASCAR section is flooded with women AND men who are convinced karma has everything to do with automobile racing. But the “karma’s a b****” comment I’ve seen more men than women over there say that.

  2. Mic-OAug 04, 2011

    You need to stop thinking like that. Who cares about who believes in Karma

  3. ZzzAug 05, 2011

    I think women are more prone to believing in immaginary things. I’ve never heard a man utter such nonsense. Honestly, I think Karma is just bull. Bad things happen to good people and if they keep letting it happen over and over, it will. This is a world of animals, nothing more. What happened to all those jews? They sat back and let the Nazis dominate them. Did Karma bite the Nazis in the ass? Probably, but not in time to save the jews. You gotta take things into your own hands. Don’t rely on another person’s bad luck or error as a lame excuse to call it “Karma.”

  4. ShereeAug 05, 2011

    I’ve only heard women saying things like that.

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