Do you believe in “soul mates” and “happily ever after”? see below?

Do you believe in “soul mates” and “happily ever after”? see below?

Question by latj: Do you believe in “soul mates” and “happily ever after”? see below?
If you had asked me twenty+ years ago I would have answered no but since I’ve been married that long and very happily I say “yes”. This is my second marriage and the first was horrific…marked with physical violence that almost led to me being killed. I swore that I wouldn’t remarry because I had two very young kids and was finishing my Masters Degree and starting my own business when I met my Husband. We met through an “extended circle of friends” and a failed group date left us alone one evening and we went to a movie and thus was the beginning of “us”. We never were alone from that night on. Two months later he proposed to me but I said “no”. Years later I look back and realize that he is my “Prince Charming” and my perfect soul mate. I would never want to be with anyone else and think that there is someone out there for everyone…that one special person. Yes…I may have had to kiss a few bad toads…but I do believe in soul mates and “happily ever after” Any thoughts…do you believe and why?

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Answer by Legionnaire Hooch Monster
Some are destined for the soul mates thing others are destined to be alone and die on a battle field far away, destiny is a funny thing.

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  1. Vive l' Éire!!!Aug 06, 2011

    I’m sorry to say I have to disagree with you on this one. After much thought I am certain that I don’t want kids. I also don’t want to get married and to be frank, I don’t particularly want to be in that ‘kind’ of relationship with anyone. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have many good examples of healthy, successful relationships in my life. My dad got a divorce after my mother had an affair, he dated a few women and then got engaged and moved in with someone who would later be revealed as a freakin nutter. My brother and his on/off girlfriend/’baby momma’ don’t get on well. My sister and her ex fiance/kind of current boyfriend have a strange relationship. My other sister is engaged at the age of 19 while (to me at least) the relationship isn’t that strong and the engagement doesn’t seem to mean much to either of them.

    I think society tries to tell people that there is something wrong with being single and people need to actually actively search for a partner so they can find someone and ‘prove’ to the rest of the world that there is nothing wrong with them. They accept that it is ‘normal’ to be in a relationship and for that relationship to progress to a point where it’s time to have children and get married (in either order, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore!). People do it because that’s normal but don’t usually stop to question if it’s really for them. Even if they do question it they fear deviating from societal norms in case they are labelled ‘different’ or ‘weird’, which they inevitably will be b someone.

    Nope. Relationships take time and effort and, for me at least, the payout just isn’t enough to make it worth my while. Not enough return on investment! Yes, its’ nice to feel loved and wanted and the feeling of being in a relationship can often bring the feeling of security and comfort but can’t/shouldn’t you be able to find that inside yourself without someone else giving it to you?

    And then there’s the dependence. Relying on someone THAT much? And emotionally investing so so so much into them only for what? For them to leave you or die, which inevitably they will (one or the other, but most likely both).

    Cynical? Maybe. I don’t deny it works for some people. I’m glad you have found someone that makes you feel truly truly happy. You honestly do deserve it, more then anyone I know. I just don’t think it’s for me.

    Will I EVER get into a relationship again? Maybe. But I sure as hell won’t be looking for one. I won’t waste time and energy searching for something I really don’t feel I need. If it finds me then fine, I’ll give it a go. But until then, it’s flying solo for me!

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