Q&A: In your opinion, what’s the difference between being religious and being spiritual?

Q&A: In your opinion, what’s the difference between being religious and being spiritual?

Question by Tonya in TX – Duck: In your opinion, what’s the difference between being religious and being spiritual?
If R&S were split into a Religion subsection and a Spiritual subsection, I know that the “religionists” wouldn’t stay on their side, and the “spiritualists” wouldn’t stay on their side, so I’m not suggesting or advocating that. And I know that you can be spiritual without being religious, and be religious and spiritual, but can you be religious and not spiritual? If you can’t, what’s the difference? Where’s the dividing line between being religious but not spiritual? And are you spiritual if you have a set of beliefs, which include not being a part of a religion? If so, is that a religion in and of itself? I know some atheists and agnostics say they are spiritual but not religious, yet some atheists believe their atheism is a religion? Where’s the line? When does being spiritual cross the line into a religion?
badmp35: So being spiritual is being comfortable in your own skin, while being religious is what allows you to be comfortable in your own skin? Or do I put words in your mouth?

beano: I agree, religion won’t save you. Christ said as much.

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Answer by Snoflake
Religious people usually have a religion. Spiritual people dont necessarily “have” one but they can.

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  1. Universalist GuyAug 09, 2011

    Religious is more leaning toward organized religion and standardized doctrine. They tend to think the way the religion thinks.

    Spiritual is more on the freethinking side. They beleive what they believe about God, often without any holybooks or rituals and whatnot. The only organized spiritual ogranization, is the Universal-Unitarian Church, if you can consider that one at all.

  2. jimi4950Aug 09, 2011

    any one can be religious but when spiritual you have a relation with God, those who worship him must worship him in spirit.

  3. chriscrosschristAug 09, 2011

    The dividing line…
    Religion begins where spiritualism collides with fundamentalism in a sprinkling of ignorance.

  4. badmp35Aug 09, 2011

    to me i believe that being religious means that you look to beliefs to help you in your troubled or happy times. being spiritual means that you feel more intune with yourself and people around you

  5. rezanyAug 09, 2011

    From what I can understand, religions were caused by people. The Holy Spirit comes from God and lives in us every day of our lives. We are protected, we are saved and we are the last of the generations.

  6. beanoAug 09, 2011

    To me, religion on it’s own, is just about a bunch of rules. It can be found in any belief system. Religion won’t save you. Only Jesus Christ can do that.

  7. stony_mcstonerstoneAug 09, 2011

    Those who are spiritual seek communion with God.

    Those who are religious seek communion with the “right” God.

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