Q&A: What is the difference between a guardian angel and a spirit guide?

Q&A: What is the difference between a guardian angel and a spirit guide?

Question by da_girl: What is the difference between a guardian angel and a spirit guide?
I always hear psychics mention the word “spirit guides” and it seems like they’re the ones giving them the answers when people ask them questions. I also heard that every person has a spirit guide, and in my friend’s case, she has been told that she has 2 guides, that’s why she is lucky in life. So now i want to ask what are the respective roles of spirit guides and guardian angels? And what is their purpose? What are the things that they do? Thanks.

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Answer by Dylan
Spirit guides and guardian angels are two different entities from different religions, but all that aside, let’s say you have one of each. A spirit guide shows you the different paths you can take, and points out the way for your life. A guardian angel protects you from the consequences that come from your choices, and keeps you safe. Can both protect you from sin? Not really, but you can look to them for guidance and protection from all other sins of the same kind.

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  1. DeenieAug 12, 2011

    Idk but remember that saying about having the devil on one shoulder and your guardian angel on the other shoulder? Must be some reason that saying stayed around so long. There are many spirits…I don’t see how anyone could discern which is which except by the things they persuade you to do…good or evil.

  2. Spirit World MessagesAug 12, 2011


    I now believe that they are the same thing, somebody to help and guide you.

    Take Care
    Spirit World Messages

  3. inteleyesAug 12, 2011

    Spirits guides travel from the same dimension as angels why at times they are confused with angels, why they are compassionate and gentle, actually they are above the angels in heaven, and so will you when you reach heaven. We all have more than one spirit guide, I met one of my guides, her name is Erica, I have seen other spirits at that time, but they didn’t communicate like she has, she helped me when I was in serious need. They come to influence us to do the right things, encourage us, guide us, even protect and comfort us.

  4. clcaliforniaAug 12, 2011

    I believe that they are the same thing.

    Just different words.

    They protect us from harm. It is like if you almost get run over and it seems impossible that it didn’t happen, then I would say that your guardian angels or spirits kept your safe. Although there are times when they don’t help and that is why things happen, like people get killed in car accidents etc. because being human bad stuff happens especially when it is our time to pass on..

  5. Heaven callingAug 12, 2011

    Everyone has a spirit guardian from birth. Only mediums have spirit guides as their role is to help you develop your mediumship.

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