How many of u who are spiritually inclined really like doing “meditation” ?

How many of u who are spiritually inclined really like doing “meditation” ?

Question by shankd67: How many of u who are spiritually inclined really like doing “meditation” ?
What type of a feeling does it give you ? It actually destresses you and perhaps gives one an ethereal feeling. I have started practising meditation not long ago and it gives me a great feeling. How much time should I practice every day..u think ?

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Answer by Phoenix
I’m not spiritually inclined and I meditate. It relaxes me and frees my mind.

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  1. James BAug 15, 2011

    Medication? Yeah I’m into that.

  2. THINKAug 15, 2011

    I am not spiritually inclined – I don’t even believe in energies and souls. But I meditate – it gives me a nice clean feeling – at least twice a week.

  3. Robert RAug 15, 2011

    I meditate on the Word of God. Meditation on God’s Word gives you a deeper understanding of it.

    I do not perform the type of meditation that Budhists do.

  4. NemesisAug 15, 2011

    I would be surprised if a beginner could do more than 5 minutes of true meditaion a day but you should do it for as long as you can and gradually extend the time

  5. Lady HawkAug 15, 2011

    When I meditate (in Buddhist sense) it sweeps away all false worries and gives really nice feeling… you probably know it. 🙂 Also, it helps understand life as it is, not as I imagine it being in bad mood. I try to do it every day, sometimes twice or multiple times – whenever I recall it. When you’re doing smth, concentrate on that. Try not to follow your thoughts at the same time, especially if they are all about recollecting the same things from past all the time or imagining situations that would never happen.

    Good luck! Don’t give up!

  6. wickedwarrior156Aug 15, 2011

    I meditate often and find it help a lot with many things. It does take practice though. Maybe 30 minutes a day.

  7. SquirrelAug 15, 2011

    I have to differentiate between my meditations early on in life than when I took initation from a master. After initiation, my meditations became extremely deep and rewarding. As far as advice on time, I would do some physical exercises along with it (like hatha) and do it for a half hour or so.

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